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India ranks 77th out of 140 countries and improves order and security metrics


An international civil society organization, World Justice Project (WJP), released the 2022 Rule of Law Index on Wednesday, October 26. The report is a compilation of the state of the “rule of law” in 140 country of the world.

According to the report, the rule of law has declined globally for the fifth consecutive year. While commenting on the report, WJP Executive Director Elizabeth Andersen said, “Pre-pandemic authoritarian tendencies continue to erode the rule of law… Checks on executive power are weakening and respect of human rights diminishes”. The quintet reported.

As mentioned in the report, India was ranked 77th out of 140 countries with a score of 0.50 on the “Rule of Law Index”. Meanwhile, neighboring countries like Bangladesh scored 0.39 in 127th place, Pakistan only scored 0.39 in 129th place and China scored 0.47 in 95th place. Notably, Nepal performed better than its neighbours, with a score of 0.52 and a 69th place.

Know the “rule of law”

According to the definition given by WPJ, the rule of law is “an enduring system of laws, institutions, standards and community commitment” which delivers several universal principles: accountability (government and private bodies), just law (the law that is clear and stable), an open (accessible) government and an impartial judiciary.

The index is prepared by examining these four principles through eight factors – constraints on government powers, absence of corruption, open government, fundamental rights, order and security, regulatory enforcement, civil justice and criminal justice.

Analyzing India’s performance

According to the official statement, India‘s overall “rule of law” score has declined by less than 1% in this year’s survey, as it scored 0.50 in 2021 and 0.51 in 2020.

At the press conference, a senior WJP adviser, Ted Piccone, said, “Since 2015, we have seen significant declines in criminal justice in India.” In particular, India improved its ordering and security parameters by 0.05 points.

While it declined by 0.01 points in metrics such as open government, fundamental rights, civil justice and regulatory enforcement. Globally, India was ranked 94, 111 and 89 out of 140 in fundamental rights, civil justice and criminal justice respectively.

The country has a lot to do to improve the rule of law index by preparing an accessible governance model and taking into account the rights of citizens.

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