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India promotes culture of peace as part of commitment to world order, MEA says

07 Dec 2021 08:03 STI

new York [United States], Dec. 7 (ANI): India promotes a culture of peace as part of its commitment to world order, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA).
The culture of peace is the cornerstone of the world order for building inclusive and tolerant societies. Under the auspices of the United Nations, the promotion of a culture of peace has developed into a global discourse, according to the statement issued by the MEA.
This observation was made in the light of item 16 of the agenda of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly on the culture of peace.
India will continue to spread the message of humanity, pluralism and democracy. We reiterate our call to jointly fight the negative forces of intolerance, violence and discrimination, Ashish Sharma, First Secretary said in the statement.
Continuing this rich heritage, India has promoted this culture, among other things, through tolerance, understanding, respect for all religions and cultures – all under the aegis of pluralistic ethics and democratic principles. This is enshrined in our Constitution, the MEA statement said.
For millennia India has steadily provided shelter for persecuted people in foreign lands and allowed them to thrive in India and this is not just a culture but a civilization in itself. the statement added. (ANI)

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