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India News | We are the people of Telangana and cannot be intimidated: MLC Kavitha


Nizamabad, (Telangana) [India]Nov 23 (ANI): TRS MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha, while addressing a meeting of TRS party cadres in Yellareddy constituency earlier in the day, accused the BJP of “intimidating the leaders”.

MLC Kavitha said: “The only policy the BJP preaches is ‘Ram-Ram Japna, Paraya Leader Apna’, where if the party fails in its horse-trading attempts, it uses the central agencies to harass the party leaders of ‘opposition.”

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During her speech at Yellareddy, Kavitha said that if the BJP had done nothing wrong, why were they avoiding the SIT investigation and knocking on the doors of the courtroom?

Telangana CM KCR’s daughter Kavitha said the BJP has no organizational strength in Telangana and therefore they abuse their power and money to threaten leaders of other parties to join them.

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The former Nizamabad MP said, “We are the people of Telangana, we cannot be threatened. We will fight, we will win and we will always be there to serve our people.

As the state nears assembly elections, Kalvakuntla Kavitha said more and more leaders who have mass appeal are being harassed by BJP, especially popular faces, ministers and party MPs TRS.

She further accused the BJP of reducing the beneficiaries of Prime Minister Kisan Nidhi, who was copied from the Raithu Bandhu regime of the KCR-led TRS government, from 13 crores to just 3 crores.

Kavitha said the BJP is more concerned with stunts and public relations than the welfare of the masses in our country.

MLC Kavitha was addressing TRS party cadre during Yellareddy TRS party cadre meeting where she accused BJP of preaching “Ram-Ram Japna, Paraya Leader Apna” amid attempts to trade horses and use agencies like CBI and ED to harass state and national leaders. (ANI)

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