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India News | Nadda asks people to vote based on the ballot of political parties without promises


Agastyamuni (Kedarnath, U’khand), Feb 9 (PTI) BJP Chairman JP Nadda on Wednesday urged the people of Uttarakhand not to get carried away with grand promises made by political parties and only vote based on their reports.

“It’s election time. Leaders of all colors will come and promise galore. Don’t be fooled by what they say,” Nadda told a rally in Agastyamuni near Kedarnath.

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“Ask them to show their ballots and vote on that basis. BJP leaders give you their ballots. Others don’t because they don’t have any ballots to show,” he said. declared. Kedarnath has been given top priority under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP leader said and reminded the people of all he has done for their reconstruction over the past five years.

Chardham All Season Road and Rishikesh-Karnaprayag Railway Line are the other major projects launched by the Narendra Modi government.

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The state’s BJP government has provided sanitation coverage of Rs 5 lakh a year to everyone through the Atal Ayushman Yojana and 20 lakh toilets to households that do not have one, he said.

“Congress leaders laughed at the prime minister when he talked about toilets because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths and didn’t know what poverty is,” he said. .

Nadda said he was confident that the people of Uttarakhand had decided to give the BJP their blessing again after seeing it deliver on its promises.

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