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India News | Human rights institutions in various countries must work together, says head of National Human Rights Commission

New Delhi, May 25 (PTI) Arun Kumar Mishra, Chairman of NHRC, Justice (Retired) said that National Human Rights Institutions of various countries must work together to improve the cause of human rights , as he also called for “the exchange of best practices”. through interactions at regular intervals.

He said this while hosting the visiting delegation from the Maldives Human Rights Commission, the rights panel said in a statement on Wednesday.

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“National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) from various countries should work together to improve the cause of human rights. For this, the exchange of good practices through regular interactions between NHRIs themselves will be a good practice to start in this direction,” he said in the statement.

Justice Mishra called for enhanced interactions between these rights expert groups to share best practices.

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A delegation of six high-level members of the Maldives Human Rights Commission, led by its Chairperson Mariyam Muna, came for a two-day visit to the NHRC, India, on May 24-25, it said. officials.

During the interaction, visiting delegates were given an overview of the mandate, jurisdiction and functioning of the CNDH through its various divisions, including law, investigation, research, training, media and communication, and publications, they said.

“Furthermore, while making a presentation on the functioning of their Commission, the visiting delegation highly appreciated the complaints management system, HRC Net Portal, as well as the payment of financial assistance to victims of human rights violations. man on the recommendation of NHRC, India by various public authorities,” the statement read.

They also showed a keen interest in investigations and on-site investigations, training programs, research, media and communication, and the publication practices of the CNDH with a view to the promotion and protection of human rights. people and awareness, he added.

Delegates, in addition to seeing Parliament, were also taken on a visit to the National University of Forensic Sciences (Delhi) to get a first-hand understanding of forensic testing and analysis in forensic laboratories. -Indian legal cases investigated by the NHRC, officials said. .

Other members of the Maldives Human Rights Commission delegation included its Deputy Chairman Ahmed Adham Abdulla, three Commissioners, Moomina Waheed, Aminath Shifaath Abdul Razzaq, Samaau Ahmed Najeeb and the Head of Office, Ali Ahmed Manik.

Members of NHRC, Judges MM Kumar, DM Mulay and Rajiv Jain, Secretary General DK Singh and other senior officers were present on the occasion.

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