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India News | BJP leaders tell lies, make people fight: Akhilesh


Saharanpur, Feb 7 (PTI) SP leader Akhilesh Yadav on Monday launched a scathing attack on the ruling BJP, demanding the party change its name as it alleged its leaders were lying, deceiving people and making them up to each other against others.

The bigger the BJP leader, the bigger the lies he tells, Party Chairman Samajwadi (SP) has claimed.

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The party should change its name from ‘Bhajpa’ to ‘Bhajhpa’, he said, adding that ‘jh’ in its name stood for ‘jhansa’ (cheating), ‘jhagra’ (bickering) and ‘jhooth’ (lies). ).

The party deceives people, tricks them into fighting each other and its leaders tell lies, the former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh has said.

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“They are indulging in the politics of accusations. The BJP wants to hold the elections elsewhere,” he told reporters, referring to the upcoming state assembly polls.

He dismissed accusations that money recovered from a Kanpur perfume vendor in a raid by central agencies had no connection to his party.

“Nothing can be a bigger lie than this. People sitting in high positions tell lies,” he said, apparently referring to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who has to repeatedly linked the seized amount to Yadav’s party.

The SP leader also said women did not feel safe in the UP under BJP rule.

The National Commission for Women received most of the complaints from the UP, he said.

The maximum in-custody deaths have occurred in the state, he added.

“We have seen how the son of the Union Home Secretary drove a jeep over the farmers. The government wants to protect him. The government wants to crush the Constitution as they crushed the farmers,” a- he said, apparently referring to Lakhimpur. Kheran violence.

Police have arrested Union Minister Ajay Mishra’s son Ashish over the deaths of four farmers, who were mowed down by cars, believed to be driven by BJP workers.

Asked about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s virtual schedule in Bijnor, which was changed due to weather conditions, Yadav, in a lighter vein, said: “No, no, it wasn’t because of the weather. There would have been another reason.”

“Punjab’s reason could have been behind all this,” Yadav said, referring to the incident in Punjab, where Prime Minister Modi had to return from without addressing a rally after a security breach.

Rival BJP parties had claimed he had to return as people failed to show up for the BJP rally, which the prime minister was to address.

To another question that UP Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya called Akhilesh Yadav a “mafia sympathizer”, the SP leader replied: “He will be able to see a mafia if he sees himself in a mirror”.

Yadav also said that if elected to power, Maa Shakumbhari Devi Vishvavidyalaya’s name would not be changed.

Saharanpur will vote in the second phase of Assembly elections on February 14.

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