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India News | Arunachal a Living Museum of Culture: Minister

Itanagar, Jul 5 (PTI) Arunachal Pradesh, known for its rich cultural heritage and centuries-old traditions, is a living museum, Minister of National Education, Indigenous Faith and Culture, Taba Tedir said on Tuesday .

“We don’t need to seek culture and traditions unlike in advanced Western countries where people visit museums to learn about their lost cultures,” he said while honoring the Dree festival of the Apatani community. here.

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“Despite the diversity of food, dress, language, religion and regions, we the Arunachalees reflect the spirit of ‘Team Arunachal’, as reiterated by the government led by Minister Chief Pema Khandu, who established an Indigenous Faith Department for the documentation, preservation and promotion of ethnic cultures of 26 major countries. tribes and more than 100 minor tribes without any distinction,” Tedir said.

The indigenous faith department has allocated Rs 8.3 lakh per year for the past two years to each constituency of 60 congregations for the celebration of the respective festival after the Center stopped funding under this head, he said. declared.

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Calling Apatanis the most educationally advanced, Tedir called on the elders to transmit the cultures and traditions, being the indigenous identity, to the younger generations to preserve them for posterity.

“Alumni and parents being a living treasure of knowledge and that is why Dree first celebrated in 1967 is alive today. They must be respected lest everything be lost,” he warned.

The current government has also respected powerful priests (nyibus), the guardians of cultures and traditions, by paying them fees, he said and urged priests not to abuse their power.

All the festivals in the state including Adi, Aka, Apatani, Nyishi, Tagin, Galo, Khampti, Mishmi and Monpa which unite the people are related to Mother Earth and agriculture and the worship of Arunachalee for humanity, he said and wished the Apatani to live in peace and march for a better future.

MP for Dumporijo, Rodo Bui, speaking on the occasion, said that history testifies to the fact that the Arunachalees are deeply rooted in their cultures and traditions.

“There is no place for violence in this tribal society and the wealth will not last long,” he said and called on all to live in peace maintaining communal harmony.

Highlighting the rapid development of the state capital, Itanagar MLA and chief celebratory committee boss Techi Kaso said there was a time when people waited for hours to travel from Naharlagun to Itanagar as only one passenger bus was running then.

Despite considerable development, the current traffic congestion is due to random parking and lack of positive attitude of the people, he said and advocated to have a good understanding of the problems the state capital is facing. confronted.

“If we remain united in the spirit of ‘pan-Arunachal’, no force on earth can divide us,” he added.

The dignitaries also released Dree’s memento titled “Journey of Capital Complex.”

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