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India Joins List of Countries Investigating Apple into App Store Antitrust Claims

The year has barely started and Apple has been hit by an antitrust investigation into App Store practices in India, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. India’s antitrust watchdog wants to understand whether Apple charges 30% developer fees on the App Store harms software makers and stifles competition or not.

WSJ said that India’s Competition Commission believes Apple has “violated some of the country’s antitrust laws.”

The watchdog was responding to a complaint earlier last year from an Indian nonprofit group alleging that a 30% royalty charged by Apple to developers selling digital content through their apps was harming software makers and stifled competition. Apple has denied the claims, saying it is focused on making its devices as attractive to consumers as possible, according to the ordinance.

Last month, the British watchdog accused Apple and Google of a duopoly. At the time, the UK Competition and Markets Authority expressed concern that the practice of the two companies “led to less competition and meaningful choice for customers. People also seem to be missing out on all the benefits of innovative new products and services, such as so-called “web apps” and new ways to play games through cloud services on iOS devices. “

While Apple had raised some topics over the past year regarding antitrust allegations such as the possibility of moving from iOS to Android and vice versa, the opening of iOS to more app stores or the offers users of different payment systems arouse much controversy.

 Apple App Store Rules Policy

Recently, Apple was given a deadline to comply with the App Store changes required by the Epic ruling. A few months ago, the company decided to change some App Store rules after a class action lawsuit filed by developers in the United States. For example, they will be able to communicate with users on alternative payment solutions outside of their applications.

Not only that, but last year Apple also announced a Small Developer Assistance Fund, which will pay out between $ 250,000 and $ 30,000 to developers earning less than $ 1 million a year from the App Store. You can learn more about it here.

Regarding the case of India, WSJ says the government has “tightened the rules on the nation’s global tech companies as they invest billions to reach first-time consumers.” Now we’ll have to wait and see what finds the Indian Watchdog will uncover.

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