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“India can only achieve Swaraj’s goal if culture and languages ​​are preserved”: Amit Shah

05 August 2022 18:12 STI

New Delhi [India]Aug 5 (ANI): Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Friday that India cannot achieve the goal of ‘Swaraj’ unless it preserves ancient culture and languages ​​and inform our future generations of the country’s rich history.
The Home Secretary also elaborated on the meaning of ‘Swaraj’ in the Indian context and said it is about leading India with its traditions and culture.
Shah said while launching Doordarshan’s historical Hindi mega series – “Swaraj – Bharat Ke Swatantrata Sangram Ki Samagra Gatha” in the nation’s capital.
The 75-episode series will feature a glorious history of India’s freedom struggle and lesser-known tales of Indian history.
Speaking on the occasion, the Home Secretary said that the endeavor of this Swaraj series should be to make Indian people proud of their culture, values ​​and ancient texts. He urged young people to take pride in the country’s ancient culture and history.

“Regarding the meaning of the word Swaraj, it means self-reliance in the context of Western countries, but with respect to India, Swaraj means making India independent and ruling it with its own traditions and culture. , his own language comes too, his own religion comes too, and his own culture comes too. Unless we live with the meaning of Swaraj, India cannot attain Swaraj in its real form,” he said.
“India cannot achieve the goal of ‘Swaraj’ unless it preserves ancient culture and languages ​​and informs our future generations of the country’s rich history,” he added.
Stating that culture in India dates back over 12,000 years, the Home Secretary said “no NGO needs to teach” culture to the country.
“We have been self-sufficient for 75 years, whoever came to power moved the country forward. But can Swaraj’s goal be achieved if we cannot save our languages ​​in the 100th year? If we don’t postpone not our history to the next generation, can Swaraj’s goal be achieved? There has been a stream of culture for over 12,000 years. No NGO needs to teach us culture,” said Shah.
“I want to tell the young people that those who ruled us destroyed our system. They could only rule when our people felt inferior because we were ahead of them in everything. They created a lie that we were illiterate How can the country be illiterate which gave the world Gita, Vedas? he added.
The Home Minister, speaking of ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’, said that ‘no one could stop India from becoming great’ as India takes the next step.
“The ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ is very important for the nation. And I believe that as India takes this new step, no one could stop India from becoming great,” Shah said. (ANI)

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