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India attracts people with its spiritual knowledge

April 26, 2022 | 04:36 IST

India attracts people with its spiritual knowledge

Western celebrities come to India for spiritual guidance. Will Smith was in India. This matches a long list of Western celebrities who come to India for such purposes. What is it about India that brings them to this country in search of spiritual help?

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Yoga is the best form of meditation for your mind and body. It helps relieve stress and anxiety. If religion is not related to this beautiful science then it is the way out. Since India is the home of this happiness, the preference is justified. Annie Gomes, Margao India… some call it Hindustan, some call it Bharat. Yet India is known for its diversity. People from all over the world flock to India to gain wisdom. They seek spiritual help, looking at our religious structure, our temples, churches, mosques, gurudwara, all places of religious importance, they seek help in nature. They seek help in predicting the goodness of our culture. They seek help by listening to our music. They find the essence of our way of life. Seeking all this help, they celebrate their spirituality as it says Savia Fernandes teacher, Bicholim INDIA was and is known for its cultural and family values. It is a land where many religions were born. It is a land of art of giving, acceptance and coexistence. No wonder Will Smith is looking for solace and self-assessment/revelation in INDIA. Quite a few ashrams and gurukuls are flooded with Westerners. OSHO @ Pune, VIPASANA in Igatpuri and Christian Retreat Centers can attest to this. By the way, our armed forces are also known as the Defense Services. We don’t believe in attack and seizure. The Indians are synonymous with helping each other and sharing.Deepak Lobo, writer, Panjim India’s spiritual diversity and the birthplace of yoga with several forms of spiritual teachings make it the yoga and spiritual capital of the world. Although new age yoga may be more exercise-based, the clear message is to bring harmony between mind and body through yoga and meditation. This is the perfect place to start one’s spiritual journey. Aadore Mukherjee, producer, Bambolim I think all of this India being the land of mystics, spiritualism, etc. is definitely what attracts all these westerners, celebrities included to India. But I personally think that ultimately one can meditate or actually practice spirituality in any part of the world, as long as they are really serious about their practice.Nupura Hautamaki, Marketing and Events Consultant, Guirim There are many reasons, but I will highlight a few – India is the only country in the world that lives an eco-friendly way of life, for example, we eat with our fingers, we worship the water, we coexist with animals, etc. Our lifestyle is ecological. If you go a little deeper into a religion you will notice that it has a base of sanatan that is why Hindus accept all religions as all other religions have a base of Hinduism. India is a Hindu country and Hinduism could also mean living in harmony with nature, for example the word yoga means in union with the divine (nature or creator). Everyone wants to connect with the source. So, when Westerners realize that spirituality is the only truth, they prefer to learn it from the source, ie Bharat. Steve Satya, entrepreneur, Bicholim Western celebrities like Will Smith have been known to visit India since time immemorial, mainly seeking answers to life’s big questions and more. This led them to make pilgrimages, spiritual retreats and engage in meditation to rise to a higher level of enlightenment. India, as we know, is a reservoir of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. It is the birthplace of four of the world’s major religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Joanne da Cunha, model, actress and singer Will Smith in India to meet Hollywood star Sadhguru Will Smith was spotted in Mumbai over the weekend. It is claimed he was in the country to meet spiritual leader Sadhguru, following the Oscars incident where he slapped Chris Rock on stage, leading to speculation about his personal life. Smith was seen interacting and laughing with people around. The ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ actor has made headlines over the incident at the Oscars where he assaulted comedian Chris Rock after the latter mocked Smith’s wife’s bald head, Jada Pinkett Smith. next 10 years, including the Oscars. He had won the best actor award for ‘King Richard’. According to reports, he stayed at the JW Marriott Hotel in Juhu. The actor has visited India several times. He last came in 2019 for the filming of his reality show “The Bucket List.” He also visited Haridwar and participated in ‘Ganga Aarti’.

List of celebrities who have visited India over the years to gain spiritual knowledge The BeatlesPaul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison traveled to Rishikesh in the 1960s to study Transcendental Meditation under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Steve JobsThe founder of Apple’s adventures in India is also part of every entrepreneur’s lexicon. He traveled to India in 1974 to meet Guru Neem Karoli Baba, whom he wanted to study and achieve spiritual enlightenment, as most people will tell you. take part in a sort of spiritual retreat. She also visited Jaipur, as most foreigners are used to. Julia RobertsJulia Roberts actually has a real connection to India, and it’s not just from Eat Pray Love. After filming this movie, she actually converted to Hinduism and started taking her whole family on trips to India, where they would go to temples and “sing and dance and pray.” The Beach BoysThis iconic band had a strong karmic connection to India. They also visited Rishikesh to practice Transcendental Meditation under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi after a Beatles recommendation. he was the most famous. He even married Katy Perry in India and said meditation changed his life. Mick Jagger After the Beatles’ visit to Rishikesh, all the other rockstars of the 60s joined the movement. Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones also practiced Transcendental Meditation and still visits India from time to time. MadonnaThe Queen of Pop has a song called Shanti-Ashtangi, so that should tell you everything you need to know about her love affair with India and yoga in particular. She is also known to practice Transcendental Meditation and has often visited the country. Gwyneth Paltrow The American actress studied yogu under R. Sharath Jois, who teaches in Mysore, and is known to be the guru of several celebrities. Sting is also a yoga practitioner, and his former band The Police performed in India in 1980. He is well known for his love of India, meditation, and even embarked on a pilgrimage in the 1980s. 90.

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