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IFTSC 2022 will boost sustainable startup culture in the country: Dr. Ashwath Narayan

· All India Council for robotics & automation to set up the Center of Excellence for AI in the city and with a corpus fund of 100 Cr for the promotion of new-age startups

· Over 100 startups showcased transformative technologies and solutions for a better future

Aiming to boost the sustainable startup culture in the country, India’s biggest startup event “India First Tech startup conclave & awards 2022” kicked off today in Banglore. The two-day event supported by the Ministry of Information and Technology, Government of India was inaugurated by Honorable Chief Minister/Minister of IT and Education, Government of Karnataka, Dr. Ashwath Narayan.

Organized by All India Council for Robotics & Automation (AICRA) as part of the start-up mission to India, the IFTSC saw the presence of ISRO President S. Somanath, Shi Rajesh Pathak (Sec. Technology Development, GOI ), senior government officials from various states, more than a hundred Investors and venture capitalists and tech startups from many states like Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, etc.

The Bengaluru chapter highlighted the latest transformative technologies in the tech startup ecosystem, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, drone technologies along with several new categories. The IFTSC plans to promote tech startups to find space for themselves and create beneficial partnerships with industry giants and tech giants. It provides a strategic platform for newbies to meet and connect with business leaders and decision makers to accelerate the growth of their startup in the right direction.

Addressing the inaugural session, Dr Ashwath Narayan said “The Indian government has launched a series of initiatives and programs for the start-up sector to grow and sustain. The state government of Karnataka has also launched various initiatives to complement the policies of the central government. All stakeholders must come together to take full advantage of these programs. Karnataka has always been at the forefront of creating supportive policies for businesses, innovators and start-ups. Today, 55% of the total value of start-ups in India comes from Bengaluru. Karnataka was also the first to adopt the new education policy as the state firmly believes that skilled labor is the most important resource to create a future of growth and sustainability. Events like the IFTSC help bring all stakeholders together on one platform and promote healthy competition and cooperation.

Mr. Rajkumar Sharma, President of AICRA said “IFTSC 2022 aims to accelerate technological innovations in our country’s tech startup ecosystem. These transformative technologies will reshape the industry and provide solutions to all current challenges. We are developing the Center of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence in the city ​​of Bangalore and also build a fund corpus of 100 Cr for the promotion of new-age startups in the country, which will ensure the sustainability of the startup ecosystem.

The main stage of the event was marked by discussions on building a startup ecosystem by understanding the state’s vision on current technologies and challenges for startups in India. The session included representatives from different states. The event also discussed technological innovations and their integration in industries by honorable speakers sharing their views.

The IFTSC Bengaluru chapter will help startups find the right opportunities, collaborate, forge partnerships, close deals and grow in their businesses. The event provides everything startups need to find a place in the ever-growing market and redefine the future.

All other updates regarding the event are available on the official IFTSC online portal

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