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“I want to create a Tamil hip hop culture in Sri Lanka”

Vidushaan on his music, his band and more

Vithushan Thayaparan, known in the field as Vidushaan is a Sri Lankan rapper and singer, who entered the field with his first song Cinderella at the age of 16 years.

In 2020, he formed the musical group Est4Lyf and thus became its CEO.

He was also the first rapper from Batticaloa and the Eastern Province, to take the stage to Malaysia and India.

Vidushaan said Brunch that in 2020, when he founded Est4Lyf, he created this group with the intention of creating a platform for all rappers / artists in the eastern part of the province. “Thanks to Est4Lyf, I have invested in creating music with these artists and in marketing it on digital platforms to help create a Tamil hip hop culture in Sri Lanka that does not exist at the moment,” he said. he explains.

He is also the first Sri Lankan Tamil music composer to release a single under Sony Music South in 2012 with IBP Studios in Malaysia. He is currently working on his new album under Jaya Records, the music group Serandip.

In conversation with Brunch, he told us that music has always been a part of his life: “From an early age watching my mother and uncle sing for the church choir developed my interest in music and I started to sing along with them. He added that this continued in his school career, when his idols and teachers Sangeetha Poosanam Jeeva Joseph and Latha Jayakumar, helped him discover his musical talent and encouraged him to participate in school events such as the Tamil Day and English Day to hone skills. further away. He also participated in an island-wide singing competition and won first place three times: “By participating in these competitions, I gained greater musical visibility and an interest in pursuing music. music as a full-time career as a full-time career. “

In 2012, he composed the song A side with playback singer Sathya Pragash and later in 2015 he collaborated with playback singer Santhosh Hariharan and composed the song Hymn of luck. The same year, in association with Malaysian artist Ramnath rnb, he released three songs from the album Vanthuvidou, under Sony Music South.

Vidushaan also performed at Malaysian Moksha, at MMU events in 2014. Apart from that, he also performed at Singapore Sense Club in 2015. In the years 2016, 2018 and 2019, he told us that he is doing was produced at the Revolution show, directed by Redbull India.


When asked if he had ever faced challenges and how he had overcome them, he explained that one of the main challenges he faced in the music industry was the lack of musical exhibition in Sri Lanka, especially Batticaloa at the time.

He told us that while being Batticaloa’s very first rapper was an honor, it also came with more challenges than he expected, as no one before him knew what mixing and mastering is, the production or any other aspect of music which improves the quality of the sound. “Because we didn’t know how to improve the quality of the music, despite the quality lyrics and melody, when I sent the samples of the songs to the media agencies, they rejected it because it lacked quality.” , he explained. As a newbie in the indie music stream, it was extremely difficult to get local radio stations and music channels to play the songs, so it was difficult to gain credit as well as an audience for his songs.

Working from the ground up, Vidushaan told us he struggles to make a name for himself, build an following, and market himself to develop his talent. “After 10 years of constant struggles and challenges, I was finally able to build an audience and create a lot more music,” he commented, adding that his two recent releases, Kassu and Naan Oru Muttalunga, have both crossed 100,000 views.

And after?

Taking a quick glance at his social media, he has over 35,000 Instagram followers, filled with a global audience from Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Europe.

He now has over 9,000 followers on his Facebook page and he informed us that Jaya Records is currently working on managing the verification process. On YouTube, his two recent songs Kassu and Naan Oru Muttalunga reached 155,000 and 102,000 views, respectively. Besides Facebook and Instagram, he has songs with over 100,000 plays on SoundCloud.

In recent times, more platforms have been introduced in Sri Lanka, which has certainly helped to increase the reach of its songs, such as Spotify. However, what continues to be a struggle for someone who chooses music as a full time career is the financial aspect, as it is very difficult to find producers and earn royalties / income from them. songs that are broadcast on television or radio.

Currently, he is working under the music label of Jaya Records to release many of his songs on several digital streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. Over the next 10 years, he hopes to have established a Tamil hip hop culture in Sri Lanka, hosted several live concerts, and have around 100 rappers representing the country with millions of views and streams.

Instagram: @vidushaanofficial

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