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Himanta Biswa Sarma denounces liberals for having destabilized Assamese culture

Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma in a heated speech on the anniversary of the death of Khargeshwar Talukdar, the first martyr of the Assam movement, criticized the liberal media for not covering the atrocities committed against the Assamese in the past. Sarma delivered his speech during Swahid Diwas in Morigaon and explained how the people of Morigaon fought different battles in the past saying, “Morigaon is one of those districts in Assam where the Assamese people shed their blood. during the struggle for freedom, the economic struggle and the struggle to save the culture of the Assamese people.

The Chief Minister of Assam also questioned whether the Assamese felt safe in the state, “like the situation we were in 1979, even in 2021 we are not in a better position” . He said that all those people who weakened the Assamese movement in 1979, were involved in repeating the same things and weakening the position of the state by taking a different form. Sarma then blamed the “leftists” for crippling the Assam movement in the past and said the same forces were involved even today in the destabilization of Assamese culture.

Assam CM then said that “leftists” and the Congress Party fueled the rise of the AIUDF political party in the state in order to politically weaken the Assamese. Sarma also mentioned the murder of young Assam men in Gorukhuti and how the liberal media covered the atrocities committed there. ‘There was a 4000 year old temple in Gorukhuti, and the priest of that temple was brutally killed and the priest’s wife was forcibly converted… ‘

Himanta Biswa Sarma said every step taken to protect Assam’s identity faces opposition from the left, Congress and the liberal media. He said the NRC faces massive obstacles and the NRC’s main objective has been assassinated. Likewise, conspiracies continue to prevent the implementation of the main objectives of the Assam Accord.

Further, Assam CM said that over the past five years, he has continuously worked to strengthen Assamese culture and protect Assamese people. He said his work to save the Assamese people and the Assamese lands can be seen in Gorukhuti, Sipajhar and Lumding. The CM accused the media of misrepresenting recent events in Garukhuti, where an expulsion campaign had faced violent protests.

Notably, on November 8, the government of Assam led an eviction campaign in the lumding reserve forest of the Hojai district of Assam. It appears that the eviction campaign was ordered by the Guwahati High Court to rid the forest lands of the reserve of illegal settlers. While in September of this year, the Assam government embarked on an anti-encroachment campaign to eliminate the land grabbers and thus clean up government land, including a temple at Dholpur in the Gorukhuti region near from Sipajhar in Darrang district.

In the past, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma warned that land grabbing and illegal settlements were just attempts to change the demographics of Assam and change election results in Vidhan Sabha constituencies. . He had said that Muslims of Bangladeshi descent had a clear plan to seize 3-5 constituencies in each election through strategic population increase and ultimately seize power in the state over the next several decades. .

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