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Here is a list of visa free countries for Indians

Whenever we think of leaving India the first thing to do is get a visa. Visiting a foreign country can be a complicated process, as you will need to put your documents in order, pay the applicable visa fees, submit the form and may also need to go for an interview in the case of some countries. Only after following these steps and if all goes well, you can finally get a visa and book your ticket to this country.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case every time. There are many countries that do not require Indian tourists to apply for a visa to visit their lands. There are nearly 63 visa-free countries for Indians, where you can either travel visa-free or get a visa on arrival.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the different types of visas, and some visa-free countries for Indians where you can simply board a flight and travel. But first, let’s understand what a visa really is.

What is a visa and its types?

A visa is an official document issued by the government of a country granting foreign tourists the right of passage through their territory. A visa clearly indicates the period of time that you are allowed to stay in that country. A visa can be of several types. Here is a list of visas that can be requested:

  1. Visa on arrival: It is a visa that is issued at the point of entry, and the whole application and authorization process takes place at the point of entry itself.
  2. eVisa: These are issued online before entering a country. An eVisa can be considered as an alternative to the traditional paper visas which are usually issued by embassies.
  3. Entry permit: These are issued in place of a visa and allow foreign nationals to enter and stay in a country for a certain period.
  4. Without visa : Finally, there is visa-free access, where foreign nationals from certain countries do not need to apply for any visas and can simply enter and exit the country as they wish.

List of visa-free countries for Indians

Hong Kong
Niue Island
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago

An Indian traveler can travel freely in any country listed above without requiring any form of prior authorization to enter the country, and a valid Indian passport is all you need to travel to these countries. So if you are a frequent traveler and aren’t a fan of the cumbersome visa application process, these countries can offer a lot in terms of the overall experience. If you are planning to travel to any of these countries, make sure you have appropriate travel insurance so that you are prepared in the event of an emergency.

Importance of travel insurance

Travel insurance is an important travel document that provides coverage for requirements such as hospitalization due to illness or injury, loss of checked baggage, loss of passport, delays and flight cancellations. Traveling without proper travel insurance is a wild ride and as a smart traveler you should always have insurance when you leave the safety of your home country.

Care Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for travelers looking to purchase nothing less than the absolute best insurance policy. They are market leaders in the health and travel insurance categories and are known to provide one of the most comprehensive lists of benefits in their plans, so if you are planning to travel to any of the countries visa-free for them Indians which we have discussed in this article, then you should definitely check their insurance plans before booking your ticket.

Traveling visa-free is one of the best experiences you can have, and with the ever-expanding list of countries allowing Indians to travel visa-free, you will always have a new place to discover!

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