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Government of Kerala. mislead people about the viability of K-Rail: Chennithala

Congress Leader Ramesh Chennithala has criticized the government for misleading the public about the economic and environmental viability of the K-Rail (SilverLine) medium-high-speed railway project.

Participating in the discussion on the vote of thanks at the Governor’s address on Wednesday, Mr. Chennithala said the Center had simply given the green signal for a pre-investment assessment of the project. It only allowed the state to conduct soil studies, draw up an environmental management plan, create a land acquisition unit and prepare the resettlement and rehabilitation program for citizens who might lose their homes. , their property and their businesses because of the mega infrastructure project.

No acquisition right

The Center had granted no right to the state to go ahead with land acquisition or to place markers to delineate the route of SilverLine. The government had deceived the High Court of Kerala in this case.

The Ministry of Revenue had issued a series of orders to acquire land. He had illegally canceled the survey numbers of the land that K-Rail wanted to develop for the project. The government had no idea how to avail itself of foreign funding for the program. A government secretary notorious for his contracts with foreign consultants led the process. Mr. Chennithala produced a series of files on the table to prove his charges.

book released

At a public function here on the day, Communist Party of India (Marxist) [CPI(M)] Secretary of State Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said no one would lose because of SilverLine. “The government will not implement the project by plunging people into misery or making them drink their tears,” he said. Mr Balakrishnan was speaking at the release of a book titled The need for K-Rail, written by CPI(M) leader and former finance minister, TM Thomas Isaac.

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