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Gmail hackers defrauding people across India

Gmail hackers defrauding people across India

New Delhi: A cyber crook module, which used to scam people across India by hacking into their Gmail accounts, has been busted by Delhi police with the arrest of two M.Com students, said Thursday a manager here.

The defendants have been identified as Anurag Kumar Singh and Vikas Kumar Maddheshiya, both pursuing their M.Com in Prayagraj.

The duo reveled in being trained to compromise Gmail accounts by a pan-Indian gang during Zoom meetings. Police called it “a major internet security issue and cause for concern.”

Providing details of the case, DCP Brijendra Kumar Yadav said a case was registered based on a complaint received on the NCRP portal, which stated that a man was defrauded of Rs 89,100 of clandestine way.

A transaction was made from his SBI account even though he did not share the OTP with anyone as he was sleeping at the time.

As a result, the police registered a case under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code and opened the investigation.

“Information was requested from Flipkart who provided two email accounts that were used by the fraudsters to purchase Google gift cards. SBI credit card officials provided data on transactions made by fraudsters,” DCP said.

From the two links, a common IP address was identified. The cyber-tracing carried out after information was received from Flipkart helped the police trace the defendants to the ADA settlement in Prayagraj. A raid was conducted at the specified location from where the two accused were arrested.

During interrogation, the duo revealed that they had hacked into the victims’ Gmail accounts, and once gained access, they had committed financial fraud using the bank/credit/debit card details with the help from their associate, Prabhakar Vikram Singh, who has yet to be arrested.

It has further been revealed that so far they have compromised more than 25 Gmail accounts and defrauded thousands of rupees.

A search is underway to catch the remaining accused.

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