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Good times and Gemütlichkeit in Germany.

NEW DELHI – Germany is an increasingly multicultural country. For Indians in particular, Germany is attractive because of the easy access to vegetarian and vegan food, whether it’s cut plaice in Hamburg, cucumber salad with dill in Berlin or spicy vegan sausage in Munich, regional specialties are particularly good in the home country.

Evoking a culinary trip to Germany, The German national tourist office, India held its press event on April 8 at Hyatt Regency Delhi as part of the global campaign German.local.culture to promote itself as a culinary destination to various press articles with a mix of influencers/bloggers and travel industry journalists and freelancers. The event showcased a combination of craftsmanship, culinary excellence and warm, genuine hospitality to inspire potential visitors to Germany. The press event also saw the participation of visitBerlin highlighting the city and its gastronomy.

German cuisine is as diverse as its landscapes, its traditional recipes and specialties, its regional products, its creative chefs – it is a combination of the old and the new, which makes a gastronomic culinary journey through Germany so exciting. There is something for everyone. In the wake of the tourism sector emerging from its toughest years, Indian tourists increasingly see Germany as a preferred travel destination

This is also reflected in the way restaurants, cafés and hoteliers have responded to the particular challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic: hygiene measures, expanded outdoor dining areas, innovative seating arrangements that allow social distancing and screen protection have all been incorporated as standard in service concepts. Germany offers a wealth of dining choices: from wine tours to guided tours of more than 1,500 regional breweries to fine dining at around 300 Michelin-starred restaurants.

Mr. Romit TheophileDirector, Sales and Marketing, India said ”there has been an increase in inquiries from Indian travelers for Germany. It is not only because of the plethora of activities available in the scenic country like adventure, sports, culture, food, but also because of the multiple experiences it offers to all types of travelers. , whether solo, couple, family or business trip. “.

German cuisine includes a wide variety of appetizing dishes from regions like Havelland, known for its palaces and parks, churches and abbeys. But in the village of Ribbeck, (almost) everything still revolves around the pear. Here, the fruit is processed into specialties such as Havelwasser (pear juice and wine blend), Eierbirne (pear flavored egg liqueur) and Williams Christ pear brandy.

Or the Leipzig Larks, when the hunting of songbirds for food was banned in Leipzig in the 19th century, bakers invented a vegetarian alternative to this festive treat. Leipziger Lerche, or Leipzig lark, is made with shortcrust pastry, almonds, walnuts and marzipan strips. To date, it can only be found in the region.

The press event in New Delhi facilitated interactions between the Indian press and GNTO, the Indian team on the latest highlights and attractions for Indian travellers, as well as a masterclass and German sit-down lunch with a session of mixology for his audience.

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