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gadgil: a museum of art and culture stands near the backwaters of Khadakwasla | Pune News

Pune: A new museum displaying artifacts and artworks from the personal collection of Ajit Gadgil, the head of jewelry company PN Gadgil & Sons, has sprung up near the backwaters of Khadakwasla in Kudje.
Gadgil has been collecting a range of paintings, sculptures, lamps, textiles and jewelry for 25 years, which will be exhibited on rotation at the Zapurza Private Museum of Art and Culture.
The name “zapurza” is borrowed from the “Keshavut” of the Marathi poet Krishnaji Keshav Damle. It indicates a state of mind that inspires sublime creativity.
Spread over eight acres, the museum houses eight galleries, an outdoor amphitheater, an indoor auditorium, a canteen serving authentic Maharashtrian cuisine, a merchandise shop, and a few studios for various art-related workshops.
The galleries display rare original works by MF Husain, Raja Ravi Verma and Jamini Roy, prints of all kinds – reproductions of some of Raja Ravi Varma’s finest works, matchbox covers, tin boxes blank, old movie posters, retro commercial advertisements, calendars and horoscopes. , an antique radio and a bioscope, among other artifacts.
A separate gallery is dedicated to Pune-based artists. The Textile Gallery showcases over 40 varieties of Paithani sarees and shelas, with weavings from the Deccan region. Some of these sarees are over 200 years old.
The jewelry gallery displays various silver household items such as tea sets, toy utensils, miniature mandirs, trays, bowls, gulab dani over the past century and a half of the Indian subcontinent.
Gadgil said his belief in “collecting everything worth collecting” led to this gigantic accumulation. “Whenever we went to different cities for jewelry shows or auctions, or for leisure, we visited their local ‘juna bazaar’ and bought items that I liked,” he said. . His wife Renu Gadgil added, “Before bringing the collection to the museum, we kept it all in a storage building.”
The city’s artist, Raju Sutar, assumed the role of curator of the museum. The museum will be inaugurated by classical flautist Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia on May 19.

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