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Fostering a culture of positivity and cooperation in hospitals: Yogi


Lucknow, Nov 20 (UNI) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Sunday that nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system and urged paramedics and doctors to foster a culture of positivity and cooperation in hospitals.

Handing over the appointment letter to 1,354 staff nurses selected by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC), the CM said nurses and paramedics are making a significant contribution to the functioning of the health system of state and expressed joy that more than 90% of staff nurses are women. .

He said: “Even in the most difficult circumstances, you try very hard. The atmosphere in the hospitals has improved greatly only because of you. You even help a sick person to feel better because of your care. .”

No one recovers quickly from an illness only through medicine, according to the chief minister, who added that a patient’s ability to recover quickly is greatly facilitated by the environment of the hospital or faculty. of Medicine.

He advised all health care nurses to bring everything they had learned during their training to their workplace. “An important obligation has been imposed on you. To relieve the population, you must work closely with all health professionals,” he said.

Emphasizing that the state government is committed to providing employment to all young people in the state with utmost transparency, Yogi said, “Over the past five years, under the inspiration of Prime Minister, more than five lakh youths have been awarded nomination letters through a fair and transparent process, allowing the state to benefit from their talent.”

The CM said earlier that UP was considered a disease state. “Today, I am happy that the state is moving quickly to establish itself as the second largest economy in the country. It is the result of great teamwork. We can see the results when the 25 million of UP people speak, move and make decisions as one entity.”

Criticizing previous governments for neglecting the development of the state, the CM said, “There has never been a shortage of jobs in the state because it is a state with endless opportunities, the best fertile land, water resources and 90 lakh MSMEs. We always had potential, but UP didn’t get the attention it deserved.”

Mentioning the difficulties faced by workers in the state during the Covid pandemic, Yogi said: “When UP workers were discriminated against during the lockdown, they returned to the state. Their skills mapping has The government’s dual-engine efforts have enabled UP workers to find employment in their own state.In addition to providing over 60 lakh of self-employment options, we have created 1.61 crore of job opportunities. employment in various sectors,” he said.

He said huge jobs had been awarded over the past five years following a fair and transparent process. “Over 1.26 lakh jobs were created in the basic education department, while 40,000 were recruited in secondary education. Over 1.60 lakh police officers were recruited in the State and a number of appointments have also been made in the health sector,” he said. said.

He said, “We have all witnessed the result when young people in the state found jobs there. Right now, UP is considered the top destination for investment.”

Arguing that the UP model of dealing with Covid was hailed around the world, the CM said that when every person was trying to save themselves, the ANMs, Anganwadi, ASHA workers, paramedics and doctors were busy to save lives. “Only the government hospital had treatment facilities,” he said.

He said the maternal and infant mortality rate has been declining in the state over the past five years. “There has been a great improvement in the immunization process. All nurses, doctors and staff employees must participate in the task of uploading data. When it comes to communicable diseases, the state government is quite vigilant Every four months of the year, the government conducts a public awareness campaign against communicable diseases, including the Dastak campaign,” he said.

Yogi said that since we are in the age of technology, the process of establishing telemedicine and teleconsultation in the rural areas of the state, where there are no more doctors, should move forward quickly. .

Stating that the UP government is advancing the “one district-one medical college” process with the support of the central government, the CM said, “We will soon be able to provide one medical college in each district. This task will be naturally also require trained personnel.


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