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FIFA World Cup at the polls, 14 countries cite reasons to skip counter-terror encounter


From the general elections to the FIFA-2022 World Cup to “other commitments” – these are among the reasons cited by 14 countries, which expressed their inability to participate in the No Money For Terror (NMFT) Ministerial Conference, an international meeting on how to combat the financing of terrorism, planned to be held in Delhi next week, we learn.

The third conference of the NMFT, on November 18-19, will be hosted by the Home Ministry and attended by, among others, Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

“The first NMFT conference was held in Paris in 2018 and the second in Melbourne in 2019. As per the schedule, it was decided that India will host the meet in 2020. But due to the Covid pandemic, the plan was modified. Now it will take place in delhi“said a senior official.

Sources said The Indian Express India has invited 87 countries and 26 multilateral organizations to this event. While some countries are still sending their confirmation to participate in the meeting, some have informed of their inability to attend.
“So far, about fifty countries have confirmed their presence, and some of them have made their confirmation by ensuring to send a delegation with the minister. About 14 countries expressed their inability to participate after giving their legitimate reason,” a source said.

Sharing details, sources said Qatar expressed its inability to participate, citing the FIFA-2022 World Cup, which starts from November 20, while Malaysia cited general elections after its parliament was dissolved. in October and Iraq advised that it would not be able to participate as new nominations were pending there.

Sources said the conference will address several topics, including global trends in terrorism and terrorist financing, the use of formal and informal financing channels for terrorism, emerging technologies and terrorist financing, and international cooperation to meet the challenges of combating the financing of terrorism.

Last month, the threat posed by the financing of terrorism through cryptocurrency and the use of the Internet by terrorist groups were among the main concerns raised during the meeting of the Counter-Terrorism Committee of the Security Council. United Nations.

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