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FIA Global One of India’s 4 winners among BRICS countries

FIA Global wins prestigious BRICS women’s innovation competition, Mulan 2022

FIA Global was one of the 4 Indian winners among the BRICS countries to receive the BRICS WBA award for 2022

FIA Global, India’s leading financial services organization with a mission to bring financial inclusion to every doorstep of the subcontinent, has won the international BRICS Women Innovation Contest 2022, held in Beijing in June 2022 .

Seema Prem, CEO and Co-Founder of FIA Global, has been recognized as an exceptional and dynamic female entrepreneur, committed to the vision of simplifying financial inclusion for banks and their rural customers. Seema has been instrumental in creating social impact products and services to meet the needs of unserved communities and markets and lead the FIA’s efforts to expand its global footprint. With a focus on technology-driven, integrated solutions, she focuses on creating high-impact, sustainable programs to reach the last mile. She is also responsible for advocacy, governance and building strategic relationships with governments, financial institutions and other key partners to support and scale social innovations.

Seema is the recipient of UN Women Transforming India Awardee, 2018 and is a finalist for Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2021, awarded by Schwab Foundation.

About BRICS Awards

The BRICS Women’s Business Alliance (WBA) aims to promote women’s entrepreneurship and women’s potential in BRICS countries. The competition is open to all businesswomen from BRICS countries and will reward outstanding businesswomen who are dedicated to promoting social welfare and economic development in different fields in BRICS countries, and will foster the exchange best practices and innovative initiatives led by women, thereby advancing cooperation among women in business in BRICS countries. This year, the BRICS WBA Mulan Award was given to 15 contestants in the BRICS Women Innovation Contest and FIA Global was one of 4 Indian winners to win the prestigious award this year.

The BRICS Women Innovation Contest is co-sponsored by the Indian, Russian, Brazilian and South African sections of the WBA. The competition is aimed at all women entrepreneurs in BRICS countries to unlock the potential and innovation of women in the market.

About FIA Global:

FIA Global, founded in 2012 and based in Gurgaon, India, is on a mission to simplify financial inclusion by leveraging technology through its neo-banking solution, FINTAP, and creating outreach pathways for the delivery of financial services to the unbanked and underserved. The FIA ​​enables and empowers millions of unbanked people by bringing them to their doorsteps. To learn more, please visit https://fiaglobal.com/

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