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Fear of encouraging ‘coaching culture’: The Tribune India



New Delhi, March 24

An association of private schools has written a letter to the Union Education Minister, expressing concern that the introduction of CUET from the 2022-23 academic session could encourage the “culture of coaching” among students .

UGC President, M Jagadesh Kumar had said on Monday that Central Universities will have to use Common University Entrance Test (CUET) scores to admit students to undergraduate programs and not grades from the class XII.

CUET’s curriculum will be mirrored with NCERT’s Class XII Model curriculum, Kumar had said. Although the National Progressive Schools Conference (NPSC), an association of senior secondary school principals in India and abroad, welcomed the decision to introduce CUET and said it will “remove the stress of appearing in multiple entrance tests” for students, he also flagged some miscellaneous concerns, including that it could encourage the culture of coaching.

The NPSC called for a “broad consultation process” with all stakeholders involved in school education.

“While one of the purposes of introducing CUET is to address the high cut-off marks obtained by students from some state boards, this problem could have been solved differently by designing a streamlining structure to get them to parity with CBSE,” the letter wrote. said Thursday.

He also said that this group of students are currently preparing for the CBSE second semester exams and the prospect of taking CUET could be stressful for them. “…we therefore believe that CUET could have been introduced next year in order to create more awareness among students who would have enough time to mentally prepare themselves to take such a common entrance exam after their final board”, reads- we in the letter.

NPSC President Sudha Acharya said that the fact that CUET will be based on NCERT books will encourage students from state councils and ICSE to take classes as they follow different books.

“The NEP 2020 is considering removing the culture of coaching. Unfortunately, not giving weight to Class XII will encourage the proliferation of the culture of coaching,” she said in the letter. Citing the example of the University of Delhi, which is likely to retain passing grades in class 12 as a criterion for eligibility for CUET, she said that in such a situation, schools would only become a means of get the CUET.

“There will be no motivation or incentive for students and teachers to do their best. The whole purpose of NEP 2020 for school education has become diluted. In order to avoid this problem, it is essential that a minimum weighting of 50 per cent should be given to the Board’s review,” the letter read.

The CUET will consist of three parts: compulsory language, 27 subject areas and a general test on quantitative reasoning, logical and analytical reasoning, numerical ability, and general culture and current affairs.

“Students who do not have an aptitude for mathematics or numerical or quantitative reasoning will find it difficult to score well in the third part without support. thematic area in CUET,” she said.

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