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BHUBANEWAR: An estimated five lakh people die while waiting for an organ transplant and only four percent of the 1.5 lakh kidney transplant surgeries required are performed across the country each year, experts said at an event here.

Citing a WHO report that says the organ donation rate in India is only 0.01%, senior gastroenterologist Prof. Manoj Kumar Sahu said about two lakhs of people die of liver disease in the country because they never get a donor. During a program organized to mark National Organ Donation Day at the Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital, Professor Sahu said 17 people die every day due to the lack of donors.

“Only around 39,000 organ transplants were performed in 2020 against the requirement of at least 15 times,” he said. Citing that there is no age limit for organ donation, Prof Sahu urged people to come forward for the noble cause.

“A newborn baby who dies within 100 minutes of birth can donate both kidneys while the cornea of ​​a 107-year-old woman could be taken for use,” he said. Medical superintendent Professor Pusparaj Samantasinhar said the recent government order allowing autopsies to be conducted at night would go a long way in increasing organ harvesting.

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