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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Muslim countries are the biggest hypocrites, they have the worst record on human rights and treatment of minorities,’ says Geert Wilders on Nupur Sharma controversy


In an interview with eastern eyethe hardline Dutch political leader is opening up about the recent row sparked by the former BJP leader’s remarks about the Prophet Muhammad.

Dutch leader Geert Wilders (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

By: Shubham Ghosh

CONTROVERSIES are nothing new to him but he remains unfazed even when they tend to take on the most sinister form. Geert Wilders is never known for mince words and often they are hard-hitting, so much so that he often ends up receiving death threats. But the leader of the Freedom Party of the Netherlands refuses to give in under the pressure.

The recent row over some controversial remarks made by Nupur Sharma, a former member of India‘s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on the Prophet Muhammad during a televised debate, has seen Wilders take a strong stand in support of the Indian leader. He faced the wrath of Muslims, as has happened in the past over his anti-Islamic views, but the veteran leader simply said, “Go to hell.”

eastern eye spoke to Wilders about the Sharma row which even saw India face a backlash from the Muslim world and resort to diplomatic firefighting to reassure its friends among Islamic nations. Wilders was equally blunt in the interview and went out of his way to criticize the Muslim world while reiterating his support for Sharma.

When eastern eye asked the Dutch politician why Sharma was constantly supported in the Prophet’s row of remarks and whether it was an ideological or political brawl he said it was both. He also justified Sharma’s words by saying that she was provoked by someone on the show who insulted Hindu gods.

“She was provoked on a TV show when someone insulted the Hindu gods and talked about Muhammad in reaction. I applaud her for that,” Wilder said.

When eastern eye wanted to know if the Muslim world had overreacted to Sharma’s remarks and whether the Indian government could do without taking a step against her, Wilders said the reaction was overreaction and called Muslim nations “the biggest hypocrites”. .

“Muslim countries are also the biggest hypocrites because they themselves have the worst human rights record and mistreatment of minorities. Muslims should accept that in a free world there is the rule of law and freedom of expression,” the Freedom Party leader added.

Sharma was suspended by the BJP following the diplomatic backlash. Naveen Kumar Jindal, another former party member who also made similar comments, was expelled.

Although Wilders never hesitates when it comes to attacking Islam, it has hurt his personal freedom. The man has been living under heavy military and government protection with his wife for almost two decades now due to death threats, but despite fears his life is vulnerable, he is never afraid to say what which he thinks is right.

“I have lost my personal freedom for almost 18 years now because I criticize Islam and Muhammad. My wife and I have been living since 2004 in military barracks, prison cells and government shelters just to stay alive I am on the death list and have received fatwas from Al Qaeda, Pakistani Taliban, ISIS and many others including Pakistani TLP party leader Rizvi. they don’t kill me but i will never stop telling the truth even if it will cost me my life one day,” Wilders said. eastern eye.

While Wilders supported Sharma on his views, what is his view of India as a pluralistic society? Given its demographics and society, can India afford to see violent religious clashes and could Sharma avoid speaking what he thinks is the truth?

The Dutch leader repeated that Sharma had spoken the truth and that it was the Muslims who started the clashes and threatened to kill her. Wilders went on to praise India saying it is a democratic society in a region that is otherwise filled with darkness.

“India should be proud of its dominant culture”

“It (India) should be proud of its dominant culture based on Hinduism. Never giving in to violence and standing up for freedom of speech and truth is what should be the main objective of the Indian government, in my view,” he said.

Wilders also did not spare the United States after recently condemning Sharma’s remarks. He reacted strongly against the United States in a social media post saying the world is full of cowards after the State Department issued a statement on the line.

The US has actually been talking about the state of religious freedom in India lately and in this context, can we expect a different reaction from Washington on the Prophet controversy? To that, Wilders said, “I am a friend of the United States. They are a beacon of light and democracy. However, with the current administration, things seem to have changed indeed and for the worse.

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