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Embracing Value-Based Conservation with Expert Help: LG Leads Culture Department

SRINAGAR, JULY 23: Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha chaired a meeting today to review the action plan for the effective implementation of the “Revival, Restoration, Preservation and Maintenance of Ancient Cultural Heritage” program in Jammu- and Kashmir.

“Conservation efforts must retain the aesthetic, historical and social values ​​of our great civilizational and cultural heritage,” the Lieutenant Governor said.

Embracing Value-Based Custody with Expert Help: LG Leads Culture Department 3

The program was designed to identify sacred places and heritage sites requiring intervention, to carry out their revitalization, restoration or renovation work, to ensure the protection and sustainability of these places, in addition to promoting the restoration wherever damage has occurred in these places.

The Lieutenant Governor has instructed the Department of Culture to adopt value-based curation with the help of experts. The department should also ensure transparency and effective on-site monitoring of projects, he added.

Identifying shrines, places of historical, cultural and religious significance and work should follow values-based methodologies and an integrated approach to conservation. Resume projects that reflect the representations of each community and sect, said Lt Governor.

While reviewing details of division and category of 35 projects (18 in Jammu and 17 in Kashmir) approved by the Executive Committee including temples, shrines, gurudwaras, forts, church, sculptures and the boli, the lieutenant governor led the department for the first start of work on the projects already approved.

He also advised the department to emphasize the development of digital library to promote intangible heritage and knowledge heritage.

While emphasizing welfare measures for local artists, Lt Governor instructed the department to make dedicated efforts for the upkeep of artists. The Lieutenant Governor advised the department to bring in seasoned and experienced master artists from J&K to train young artists.

Emphasizing the promotion of J&K culture among residents of other states and vice versa, the Lieutenant Governor called for the organization of artist cultural exchange programs with other states and UT, advancing the “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat” movement.

He asked the department to send the Indian government proposals for potential projects that can be included in existing central government schemes and programs.

He further requested the department to take up the matter with the culture department of Indian government for speedy execution of conservation and restoration of Shergarhi in Kashmir and Mubarak Mandi in Jammu which is the symbol of our great Architectural Heritage.

The department was also advised to disseminate information about UT tourist attractions through brochures at airports.

Sh Zubair Ahmad, Administrative Secretary of the Department of Culture, gave a detailed presentation of the initiative for revival, restoration, preservation and maintenance of architecture and heritage in UT. He also informed of cultural festivals to be held in tourist destinations, in addition to talent hunting programs planned at the local level.

Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta, Chief Secretary; Sh Nitishwar Kumar, Principal Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor; Sh Sarmad Hafeez, Cabinet Secretary, Department of Tourism; Sh Pardeep Kumar, Director of Archives, Archeology and Museums, J&K and other senior officials attended the meeting at Raj Bhawan.

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