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Dr. Urvashi Tandon is becoming a formidable name in children’s literature


Dr. Urvashi Tandon is slowly emerging as a formidable name in children’s literature. After beginning her writing journey by writing short articles based on professional research papers, she continued to write for travelogues and spiritual magazines. Her first major literary achievement was declared as one of the twenty-five winners of a story writing competition for Indian female writers organized by eShe Magazine.

Dr. Tandon has worked extensively in the field of pediatric anesthesiology and her experiences there brought her closer to children. She begins to write stories for children and publishes her first book, “Pot-pourri, tales for children”. It was written with the main purpose of establishing moral values ​​and increasing self-awareness in children. Its goal is to address the social and environmental issues that most preteen children face growing up. The stories in this book are written with a unique blend of fun and seriousness that will no doubt appeal to young readers. Dr. Tandon’s recent book, “Anna: A Special Child,” highlights the struggles of children who need a little special care.

The story revolves around Anna, a young girl who encounters a tragic accident and loses the ability to walk. She is tied to a wheelchair and home-schooled for a time until she can attend a regular school. It is here that she begins to face a series of challenges and teasing. This is all very new to her and as she tries to adjust and adapt to the changes around her she is learning a lot of new things like how to make friends, how to forgive, how to fight bullies and how to assume responsibilities.

“Anna: A Special Child” is a touching story that expands the reader’s understanding of the world of children with disabilities. You can find a sense of connection and bond with Anna as she grows to respect herself and develop a sense of understanding with herself and those around her.

Besides being an excellent writer, Dr. Tandon also served in the Indian Navy for twenty-nine years. She is a trained singer as well as a spiritual seeker. His literary works are a source of inspiration and motivation for hundreds of children and young adults as they address very important issues facing these children.

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