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DJ Vaibhav is the star of Retro Club Culture in Indore City

As clubs and bars have resumed service in the town of Indore after a long hiatus last year, there is particularly strong demand for retro music among revelers gazing at golden memorabilia from the 90s and 2000s. DJ Vaibhav created a retro club scene in Indore while performing live in high end venues. This Sunday, he hosted the massive 50th edition of Retro Night at the Drinx Exchange.

In Indore, DJ Vaibhav pioneered the audio-video disc jockey style, which quickly gained popularity among revelers. Every Sunday night, he presents funny videos, animations and clips created by himself on the big screen accompanied by retro music for the public.

The success of AV club nights in Indore has led DJ Vaibhav to perform at prestigious clubs across India. While continuing the Retro Nights hype, he recently performed at Atmosphere – Premium Lifestyle Cafe in Bhopal. “People love my music and my videos, and they genuinely promote it everywhere.” He says.

To launch this new trend in clubs, DJ Vaibhav was inspired very early on by DJ BOBBY’s famous Chitrahaar Night in Bombay. Few other DJs in Bhopal and Indore have also joined the queue after witnessing the new trend of retro music and for them, DJ Vaibhav stands as a pioneer to watch.

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