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Developed countries keen to sign trade deals with India: Goyal

Stating that the world now sees India as an engine of economic growth, Industry and Trade Minister Piyush Goyal said on Tuesday that developed countries are keen to sign trade deals with India now.

“Before 2014, India’s economy was considered fragile and investors were skeptical about doing business with India,” Goyal said while addressing the gathering at Vyapari Udyami Sammelan here.

Stressing the need for transparency and ease of doing business, the minister assured traders and entrepreneurs that the government will fully support traders who speak out against harassment from any authority.

He called on traders to work with the government to reduce the compliance burden on people and businesses, but asked that they strictly follow ethical business practices. Unnecessary, cumbersome and counterproductive laws and regulations should be uprooted to improve the ease of doing business, he added.

The minister asked traders to prioritize the quality of goods and services offered by India. He also underscored the need to encourage young people to come forward and inject youthful energy into India’s growth story with new ideas.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clarion call of “voice for the local” must be echoed by the nation’s youth, the minister has said.

“We also need to encourage more and more women to become traders and entrepreneurs,” he said.

Applauding the Prime Minister‘s visionary welfare policies, Goyal said these policies have helped the poor to become consumers and succeeded in transforming the people of India into their greatest strength. He added that the tireless work of the Prime Minister had ensured that every household in the country had access to basic amenities such as cooking gas, drinking water, electricity and toilets and that every village had access to Internet. Goyal said government policies have also given every Indian the courage to be ambitious and the confidence to aspire to become entrepreneurs.

The minister also pointed out that traders and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) stand to benefit from the demand for goods by the beneficiaries of the Prime Minister’s social schemes.

He called on all traders, entrepreneurs and businesses, big and small, to collectively resolve to work together to advance the dream of a self-reliant India by promoting more and more Indian products.

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