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Delphic Council of Rajasthan to visit districts to promote art and culture | Jaipur News

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JAIPUR: After establishing the Delphic Council of Rajasthan about five months ago, first in the country, the national chapter of the international body that promotes local art and culture, and the people involved are now seeking to deepen neighborhoods and blocks.
At a meeting of the Delphic Council of Rajasthan, Sreya Guha, its chairman, said that despite the Covid restrictions, the council has held 20 workshops on various arts and crafts and that the plan now is to bring the movement into the districts and blocks.
“Each district of Rajasthan is rich in its unique forms of art, culture and literature. People who have practiced these arts and crafts for decades and centuries need recognition from the outside world. Unless their art is exhibited and appreciated, they will not feel encouraged to continue the practice. We will organize physical events as the risks of a pandemic decrease. We have already organized 20 virtual workshops on various art forms, ”said Guha.
She said the council will undertake activities to revive art forms that have lost their patrons and practitioners. “We are going to undertake an exercise to discover the art forms which have lost their existence or which are disappearing because practitioners no longer find it possible to keep them alive. As a result, we will create strategies to revive them, ”added Guha.
Jitendra Kumar Soni, secretary general of the Delphic Council of Rajasthan, said they will be hosting physical events next February and March if the Covid situation does not deteriorate.
“Physical events are important in bringing these communities together. We will contact these resourceful people in the districts first, then in the blocks, ”said Soni, who is also a Nagaur district collector.
The Delphic Games originated in ancient Greece 2,500 years ago as the twin sister of the Olympic Games. They are to arts and cultures what the Olympic Games are to physical sports. The modern era Delphic Games were revived in 1994, while the Olympic Games were relaunched in 1894. India has participated in three editions of the Delphic Games in various countries and won gold and medals. silver in South Korea and Malaysia, respectively.
Council officials said India’s Delphic Council plans to host the games in the country in 2023 at the national level.


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