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Delhi hoteliers say business badly affected by fifth wave of Covid, with people canceling reservations

Delhi hoteliers have once again been hit by the fifth wave of COVID-19 in the nation’s capital.

Hoteliers who were already dealing with the impact of previous waves of COVID-19 have started to experience cancellations from tourists.

Hoteliers have claimed that their business has been affected by around 50% as tourists have again started canceling hotel reservations amid growing cases of COVID-19, the Omicron cases in the nation’s capital.

“As soon as the weekend curfew started in Delhi, our bookings started to cancel. We get a lot of cancellations. We had 40 bookings in the first week of January. 50% of which are canceled from 45-50% of our business has been affected, ”said Sourabh Tiwari, owner of Sushant Travels.

“After October, our business got carried away. We were getting a lot of bookings. We were completely packed from October of last year until the first week of January. After October we had 15 groups of international arrivals. We were only able to organize four international tours. All other groups have been canceled due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, ”he added.

“We are currently providing all services with full protocols. We have fully vaccinated drivers and disinfected vehicles. We are trying to get tourists to travel to places where there are very few cases of COVID-19,” he said. -he declares.

“Early bookings are 50% canceled. People are extremely afraid of the new wave,” he added.

“There is a lot of fear. People took the second wave lightly which caused deaths and a lot of misery. So people are afraid. 50 to 60 pc of occupancy in our stands of hotels canceled from People who have a need to travel, only people who are traveling at the moment, ”said Vijay Tiwari, member of the Delhi Hotel Mahasangh Association.

On the mandatory seven-day quarantine for international arrivals, he said, “It’s not a challenge for us, but it’s a challenge for new people. We have experience. People. who came before were Indians and NRIs “.

“Now the foreigners are more and more numerous, so it’s a new challenge. We have made all the preparations, from disinfection to masking etc. for the seven day quarantine. We are ordering food online at outside and provide them with meals.

On the loss suffered due to the previous waves, he said: “We are not able to get out of the two shocks that we suffered in the first two waves, we were getting Rs 30,000-40,000 even from closed properties. We have to pay staff salaries as well. We have suffered enormous losses, “he added.

Amid an increase in COVID-19 cases, the central government on Friday announced a mandatory seven-day home quarantine for all international arrivals to the country.

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