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Delhi CM launches WhatsApp number and asks people to contribute financially to pay yoga teachers


In order to pursue his ambitious ‘Dilli ki Yogshala’ agenda which has become the recent flashpoint between the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government and the Lieutenant Governor (LG), Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday launched a number WhatsApp, 72779727799, asking for financial support from the public to pay yoga teachers.

“There is an idiom — ‘Marne wale se achcha bachane wala hai’. LG sahab and BJP are shooting arrows at the people of Delhi by stopping all good works, initiatives and plans. One of these projects is the “Dilli ki Yogshala” program. They are hurting people and destroying lives of Delhiites while the PAA apply ointment on their wound created by BJP and LG. I try to help them all by being a member of their family,” Kejriwal said when launching the mobile number.

He said LG Vinai Kumar Saxena and BJP had stopped free yoga classes that 17,000 people across the city had access to. “Our goal was to provide yoga classes to 17,000 people, but they even stopped the 17,000 people from taking yoga classes. They said we couldn’t afford the salaries of the yoga teachers and stopped them. to attend classes. Who is stopping someone from doing yoga? Stopping a person from doing yoga and meditation is a paap. All the people of Delhi are angry but I have spoken to several people and after discussion I have decided that the yoga classes will not be interrupted,” he said.

Kejriwal added, “As Dev Dutt shot an arrow at Hans, so LG sahab shot an arrow at the people of Delhi, but we took that arrow out and put bandages on and decided that whatever happens, the yoga classes would continue in Delhi at all costs. ”

The ‘Dilli ki Yogshala’ program was reportedly officially discontinued after TTE secretary Alice Vaz raised objections, but later board members decided to extend the initiative. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia also met with Saxena and submitted a dossier seeking approval to extend the yoga program. The LG office earlier alleged that it had not received any dossier from the Delhi government, while Kejriwal said the dossier had been submitted and LG house and Saxena were sitting on it to stop the scheme.

He further accused LG of making Delhi residents’ lives hell. “Since he took office from LG, he is intruding and trying to stop all works and property projects going on in Delhi. He made people’s lives hell. After he was picked up, people in Delhi are living a hell of a life… he stopped yoga classes, you know, yoga classes… who stops yoga classes? “.

The program was halted for two days in November, but the AAP government then continued the program with Kejriwal saying he was going bear all fees and expenses to pay teachers and continue yoga classes through Delhi.

“I get calls from several people who want to contribute to the Yogshala program but I want more and more people to come forward and contribute to the program. We are launching this WhatsApp number today and through this number I don’t want of your money.. I want people who want to bear the cost and salary of the teachers to send messages on this number with how many teachers they want to pay.. We will make a list and you can pay these teachers by check at the end of the month,” the CM said.

Yoga teachers receive 15,000 rupees monthly salary, the CM said, adding that all problems will be solved if the 2 million people get up and work together.

Reacting to the development, Delhi BJP Spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor said, “By launching a WhatsApp number to ask the people for financial support, the CM has once again shown that they are total anarchic who has no respect for constitutional norms.

He added, “The BJP has made it clear many times that yoga classes are not stopped. In fact, it is a favorite program of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and LG is not stopping the initiative. But the Kejriwal government should have done the paperwork and sought the approval of the relevant authority, which it can do even now, but the problem is that Kejriwal wants to run the government according to its whims by violating the constitutional procedures.

The Dilli ki Yogshala program was launched last year in December 2021 and around 17,000 people in 600 parks and settlements are enjoying free classes across the city.

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