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Cuyahoga Arts & Culture approves $1.65 million in ARPA grants

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture approved $1.65 million in COVID-19 relief funds for arts organizations at its board meeting on Wednesday. The money was approved by the Cuyahoga County Board earlier this year, and 149 groups made the cut. American Rescue Plan Act funding was for organizations in good standing that had received a CAC grant of at least $3,000 in the past three years.

Each grant awarded was for at least $2,000. The highest grants were $75,000 each, given to the Cleveland Orchestra, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Playhouse Square Foundation, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

These ARPA grants are in addition to other CCA grants supporting arts and culture organizations through revenue from a county cigarette tax. Ideastream Public Media receives such support from CAC.

Cigarette tax revenue continues to fall each year and figures shared at the board meeting show an 8.5% drop so far this year.

CAC reports that the organizations it works with saw their revenues drop by $171 million in the first 22 months of the pandemic.

ACE’s ARPA funding reflects an additional $1.65 million earmarked for the Assembly for the arts. These grants will go to individual artists and for-profit arts organizations. The application period runs until September 30.


Abrepaso Flamenco: $2,000

Africa House International: $6,000

Organization of Asian and Pacific Islanders of America: $2,000

Apollo’s Fire, the Cleveland Baroque Orchestra: $22,825

Art house: $7,910

The Art of Me: $2,000

Art therapy studio: $13,090

Western Reserve Artist Archive: $8,910

Arts Impact – formerly Progressive Arts Alliance: $13,000

Arts Without Borders: $2,000

Assembly: $12,100

BAYarts: $14,190

Beck Center for the Arts: $24,335

BlueWater Chamber Orchestra: $4,000

Bodwin Theater Company: $2,000

BorderLight: $6,000

Brite Cleveland: $6,000

Broadway School: $8,310

Buck Out Foundation: $4,000

Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation for Brain Health: $6,000

Cassidy Theatre: $2,000

Celebrate the Academy of Performance Art: $2,000

Arts-Inspired Learning Center: $20,760

Grief Arts: $4,000

Chagrin Documentary Film Festival: $6,000

Sorrow Valley Little Theatre: $9,575

ChamberFest Cleveland: $6,000

Cleveland Choral Arts: $2,000

City of Cleveland Ballet: $2,000

City Music Cleveland: $6,000

Cleveland Black Storytellers Association: $2,000

Cleveland Ballet: $15,480

Cleveland Botanical Garden: $31,670

Cleveland Chamber Choir: $4,000

Cleveland Chamber Music Society: $4,000

Cleveland Classical Guitar Society: $10,360

Cleveland Cultural Garden Federation: $6,000

Cleveland Downtown Ballet: $2,000

Cleveland Institute of Music: $68,465

Cleveland International Film Festival: $27,020

Cleveland Jazz Orchestra: $6,820

Cleveland Museum of Art: $75,000

Cleveland Museum of Natural History: $67,830

Cleveland Philharmonic Orchestra: $2,000

Cleveland Photo Festival: $2,000

Cleveland Gambling House: $47,960

Cleveland POPS Orchestra: $14,225

Cleveland Print Room: $6,000

Cleveland Public Theater: $22,570

Cleveland Restoration Society: $18,915

Cleveland Rocks: Past, Present and Future: $6,000

Cleveland Seed Bank: $2,000

Cleveland Shakespeare Festival: $2,000

Cleveland Unusual Sound Project: $2,000

Cleveland Women’s Orchestra: $2,000

Collective Arts Network (CAN Journal): $8,305

CollectifExpress: $2,000

Mexicano Committee: $2,000

Contemporary Youth Orchestra: $9,665

convergence-continuum: $4,000

DANCEECleveland: $12,365


Dancing wheels: $11,105

Djapo Cultural Arts Institute: $6,000

Dobama Theatre: $12,325

Duffy Liturgical Dance Set: $6,000

Dunham Tavern: $6,575

Edward E. Parker Museum of Art: $2,000

ENCORE Chamber Music: $6,000

Together: $6,765

Foluke, Inc. Cultural Arts Center: $6,000

Friends of the McGaffin Carillon: $2,000

International FRONT: $6,000

Good Company: A Vocal Ensemble: $2,000

Great Lakes Science Center: $41,605

Great Lakes Theater: $31,225

Greater Cleveland Urban Film Foundation: $6,000

GroundWorks Dance Theatre: $12,780

Heights Arts: $8,730

Heights Youth Theatre: $6,000

Conservation of CIA works of art: $20,345

India Day in the United States: $2,000

Ingenuity: $10,785

Entrance dance: $9,275

International Women’s Air and Space Museum: $2,000

Italian Cultural Garden: $2,000

Julia de Burgos Cultural and Artistic Center: $6,000

Karamu House: $27,185

Culture Kids: $2,000

Lake Erie ink: $9,305

Lake Erie Institute: $2,000

Lake Erie Nature and Science Center: $18,190

Lakewood Young Filmmakers Academy: $2,000

Studio EARTH: $29,650

Larchmere Porch Festival: $2,000

LatinUs Theater Company: $6,000

Les Délices: $6,000

Literary Cleveland: $6,000

Little Lumpy Educational Initiatives Center: $2,000

Local 4 Music Fund: $4,000

LYLESART: $2,000

Maelstrom Collaborative Arts: $4,000

Maltz Jewish Heritage Museum: $27,620

Mojuba Dance Collective: $4,000

Morgan Papermaking: $10,685

Morrison Dance: $2,000

Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art: $27,150

Naach Di Cleveland: $2,000

Nature Center at Shaker Lakes: $18,120

Near West Theatre: $17,610

No exit: $2,000

North Coast Male Choir: $7,660

Cleveland Piano: $16,550

Playhouse Square Foundation: $75,000

Local playwrights: $4,000

Praxis fiber workshop: $6,000

Quire Cleveland: $4,000

Refreshment collective: $2,000

Renovate music: $2,000

Restore Cleveland’s Hope: $2,000

Roberto Ocasio Foundation: $2,000

American Music Roots: $7,910

Sankofa Fine Arts Plus: $2,000

Shaker Historical Society: $6,460

Slovenian Museum and Archives: $4,000

SPACES: $10,265

Stellar Acrobatic Dance Academy: $2,000

STV Bavaria: $2,000

Suburban Symphony Orchestra: $2,000

Talespinner Children’s Theatre: $4,000

Brecksville Theatre: $4,000

Cleveland Children’s Museum: $21,360

The Cleveland Opera: $6,455

The Cleveland Orchestra: $75,000

The Movement project: $2,000

The music settlement: $35,735

The musical theater project: $12,910

The Rainey Institute: $19,585

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum: $75,000

The Singing Angels: $8,890

Medieval Trobar: $2,000

Valley Art Center: $9,990

Verb ballets: $11,715

VIVA Bavaria: $2,000

Wake Up and Live Actor’s Studio: $2,000

Waterloo Arts: $6,000

West Shore Choir: $2,000

Women in History: $2,000

Zygote Press: $8,830

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