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Culture Round-Up: IPL, Sidhu Moosewala, Amber Heard kept netizens busy on May 22

From Amber Heard’s “My dog ​​stepped on a bee…” memes to heartbreaking events like the Texas school shooting and the murder of Punjabi artist and politician Sidhu Moosewala, the internet had a lot to say in May 2022 Conversations also revolved a lot around business deals and IPOs, as well as ‘Pasoori’ which swept the public and was trending on Spotify.

Here is everything that brewed on the web in May.

The sporty feeling

Conversations around football have certainly increased over the past month. The chatter mainly revolved around 2 topics – winners and transfer windows. ManCity and Liverpool have clearly caused the buzz, with an epic league showdown and Real Madrid winning their record 14th UCL title. Mbappe has made a huge deal out of himself by renewing his deal with PSG with a whopping €250m deal and other PSG perks. Haaland and Lewandowski were also in the scoop being the main targets for big clubs in the EPL and La Liga. Football streams were followed by IPL conversations and badminton news with India winning their first Thomas Cup.

The market and the economy

Bull and Bear led the Indians in May with plenty of research and conversation around various listings, price trends and IPO announcements. Many IPOs were announced in May, namely Venus Pipes IPO, Prudent Corporate Advisory Services IPO, Pradeep Phosphates IPO, eMudra IPO and the IPO of Ethos, as well as HDFC Ltd raising Rs 12,000 crore in the biggest local bond sale this financial year. ACC, Ambuja and Ruchi Soya rose 10% and Delhivery was quoted at premium.

However, LIC was the investment social bee by reporting the biggest IPO yet, followed by a discounted listing, then a sudden price depreciation of 12% in the same month. .

Additionally, there were a lot of “monetary” occurrences in the Business and Economics category. Swiggy was on the wanted list and shut down Supr Daily’s operations in major cities across India. Zilingo, a Singapore-based startup, witnessed a whistleblower incident for its financial irregularities. Macro-Indian developments have given new energy to Indian consumers with research around GDP growth, strengthening of railway infrastructure and rising LPG prices and reduction of excise duty on fuel. TATA searches have also increased with the launch of Nexon EV and the appointment of Campbell Wilson as CEO and Managing Director of Air-Asia.

The other side

The Other category has seen many viral developments over the past month. On one side, where merry research buzzed around BTS visiting the White House, UPSC results and Geentanjali Shree winning the Bookers’ Prize. The other side of the search was not so cheerful with hashtags, posts and mentions increasing around the shooting of Sidhu Moosewala, the Texas massacre, the targeted murder of Rahul Bhatt and the incident of the army in Ladakh. The joint research group showed huge mass engagements and interactions which are supposed to be reported as well.

On Spotify – Passori took Indian audiences by fire, rocking them with every beat. Apologies from AP Dhillon remains in the top 2, showing India’s taste for rhythmic Punjabi lo-fi raps. Harry Style’s As It Was and Glass Animals’ Heat Waves showing consistent play. Loved by people not only on spotify but also on Reels and YT shorts! The title of Bhoolbhuliya 2 made a big splash in the list with a sudden entry and a place in the Top 10.

Instagram and Chatter

The ‘my money ain’t moving’ trend was popular in reels, with people making reels in groups, making serious faces and creative hooks. The song isn’t much but will surely be in your mind after hearing it once!

The other trend was around the statement made by Amber Heard during her trial saying, “My dog ​​stepped on a bee…”. The statement and expressions clearly didn’t go over well with social consumers and it turned into an endless series of crossovers with Andrew Garfield’s poisonous “He he he heeeee” on many Bollywood songs, Hollywood dialogues and much more! It’s safe to say that the statement – the internet remains undefeated – is true.

When it comes to memes, Amber Heard has also started a trend in the meme community and a meme saying “Saara May to I stepped on a bee karte hue hi nikal gaya” justifies the same.

The Friday hero stays on top with his irreplaceable Friday statement and favorite content everywhere. “Arre chhoti bachi ho kya?!” if you think these two were the only viral memes in May.

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