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Criteo’s 2022 Travel Commerce Insights 5 APAC countries to travel to

Criteo’s Travel Commerce Insights 2022 5 APAC countries to travel to

Criteo SA (NASDAQ: CRTO), the trade media company, today released findings from its latest travel report, 2022 Travel Commerce Insights. According to the report, hotel, rental and airline bookings rebounded to reach or exceed pre-pandemic levels globally. The report also highlights that Indian travelers showed the highest interest in reducing their carbon footprint when traveling and for summer travel among the APAC countries surveyed. When it comes to destination, 74% of Indian travelers responded that they are likely to book online for domestic travel.

On travel trends in India and APAC, the report highlights the following information:

  • 2 out of 5 APAC travelers responded that they will be traveling for personal purposes (visiting family and friends) this summer. Reconnecting with family and friends remains a priority for 69% of Indians. In Japan, Singapore and South Korea, travelers are looking for relaxation on their next trip.
  • Of all the factors considered when comparing travel providers, Indian travelers most frequently selected positive reviews, with 61% of survey respondents identifying good ratings as a key factor.
  • Intention to travel in summer is polarized among APAC countries. While Indian and South Korean travelers have a strong interest in summer travel, intent is lower in Singapore and Japan.
  • Indian consumers have strong intentions to reduce their carbon footprint, which was highest in Australia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and India.
  • According to the survey, most APAC travelers opt for a 0-2 night stay for their personal/business trips.
  • Additionally, 78% of APAC travelers begin their travel research via the mobile web, and nearly two-thirds complete their booking on a mobile app.

The results show global airline booking reaching new highs, surpassing the 2019 (pre-pandemic) benchmark. Asia-Pacific travel conversion rates for air bookings exceed hotel rates, which improved 29% year-on-year in May 2022. Asia-Pacific air travel conversion rates have seen a significant acceleration , as indicated by the number of bookings versus site traffic in May 2022. Airline bookings climbed 377% year-on-year, while airline site traffic increased 235%. Additionally, more than half of APAC travelers (57%) said they plan to book flights directly on the airline’s website. At the same time, 49% prefer to book their flights through travel agency websites.

The report further reveals that the APAC region saw the maximum hotel bookings in May 2022 compared to May 2019, 2020 and 2021. The survey finds that hotel websites and online travel agencies (OTAs) are used almost equally for booking hotels. 53% of APAC travelers responded that they book hotel/accommodation through websites and 48% through online travel agency websites. At the same time, 11-15% of consumers responded to the survey that they consider calls or physical visits to hotel sales desks or travel agencies when booking a stay.


Criteo’s Travel Commerce Insights combines organic data from over 2,000 travel players across a variety of travel verticals in over 50 countries and survey data from 11 countries around the world and 11,822 respondents, including 1,053 respondents in India.

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