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Country laying down the red carpet for Indian tourists


As Thailand now seeks to revive its economy, it is courting Indian tourists, who are among the biggest spenders in the world. According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, as many as 661,751 Indians visited Thailand this year. It’s not just Thailand. Several other countries, including those in the Middle East and Europe, are also trying to attract Indian tourists.

In 2018, Indian travelers spent more than 6.5 trillion rupees, or $9.4 billion.

The American Express Travel: Global Travel Trends report released earlier this year said Indian travelers are eager to embrace the new normal and most have already resumed their travel plans, both domestic and international.

A study by the Pahle India Foundation noted that several countries depend on tourism for their economic growth. While in the Maldives, tourism directly accounts for 39.6% of its total GDP, in Cambodia this figure is 14.1% and in Vietnam 9.3%, the study points out. In the United Kingdom, tourism represents 3.7% of its overall economy and 2.6% in the case of the American economy. The tourism industry has strong links with many other sectors, including logistics, aviation, hospitality and crafts.

A McKinsey report noted that in the pre-Covid-19 phase, China accounted for more than 27% of 2019 tourism receipts. But given the current Covid 19 restrictions in China, the return route for Chinese visitors on the map of international tourism will not be anytime soon.

“So more and more countries are now betting on Indian tourists. During the Covid restrictions, a large number of Indian travelers visited the Maldives, boosting its tourism-based economy,” said a senior MakeMyTrip executive.

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