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Cost of 1 GB of Internet in different countries of the world

Can you imagine life without the internet? I already know your answer. It is quite amazing how the birth of technology has forever transformed the way of life of mankind. It was not until 1983 that the Internet was born. Some 39 years later, we are already talking about Web 3.0, metaverse, we are earning in cryptos, our businesses are online, our education is online. Even our dates are online.

Safe to say, our lives have been digitized. The physical world has mingled with the virtual world, and there is no turning back. We are talking about privacy threats, scams and frauds in the virtual space. There are seminars on the dangers of information overload, social media pressures, and cyberbullying. Basically we are caught in this net called the internet and we will only fall deeper into this mesh

Internet is no longer a luxury for the few. It is a need of the masses. Everyone needs it. With the ubiquity of the Internet, have you ever wondered what it costs in the world? Or, given its penetration into the world?

1. India – ₹7/GB. Indians have the cheapest internet in the world.

Yes, you read that right. We have access to the cheapest Internet in the world which costs an average of $0.09 for a gigabyte (GB).

Source: Scroll.in

But wait, does that mean every Indian has uninterrupted internet access. The answer is no. We have a vibrant population of 1.3 billion people. And since January 2022, our Internet penetration rate barely represented 47% of the total population. This means that more than half of our country does not have access to the Internet. And here we thought life without the internet is beyond imagination.

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Source: Coach

2. USA – ₹257/GB. Yes Americans don’t have cheap internet

When thinking of Western countries, the United States of America comes first in our mind. It may seem surprising, but the Internet in the United States is not that cheap. The United States ranks 154th out of 230 countries in the list of mobile data price trends released in 2021.

While the average price of 1GB of internet costs $3.33, their internet penetration rate is 92%. Much, much, much higher than ours.

3. Israel – ₹8/GB. Israel has the second cheapest internet in the world

Israel is next to India with Internet which costs an average of $0.05 per GB. And not only that, Israel has a penetration rate of 76%.

Source: CTech

4. UK – ₹109/GB

The average internet price in the UK is $1.42 per GB. Over 94% of the population has access to it.

5. Germany – ₹258/GB

93% of Germans have internet access at an average price of $3.38 per GB.

6. Australia – ₹53/GB

Australians have access to 1 GB of internet at an average price of $0.70 with an internet penetration rate of 91%.

7. China – ₹40/GB

The Chinese have Internet which costs an average of $0.52 per GB with a penetration rate of 70%.

Fun fact: do you know our savior Google? Yes, they don’t. The search engine called “Baidu” is the Chinese version of Google.

8. Pakistan – ₹45/GB

Only 36.5% of Pakistanis have internet access at an average cost of US$0.59 per GB.

9. France – ₹265/GB

93% of French citizens have internet access, which costs an average of $3.45 per GB.

10. Russia – ₹22/GB

85% of Russians have internet access at an average price of $0.29 per GB.

However, the future of the Internet in Russia has been unpredictable since the country’s invasion of Ukraine. He is almost isolated online.

11. Japan – ₹258/GB

The average price of 1 GB Internet access for Japanese people is $3.38 with 94% penetration.

12. Switzerland – ₹401/GB. One of the highest Internet penetration rates in the world.

Switzerland has an expensive internet that costs an average of $5.24 per GB. However, the internet penetration rate is 98%.

13. Bangladesh – ₹26/GB. Very few Bangladeshis have internet access

The internet penetration rate in Bangladesh is only 31.5%. This rate is extremely lower considering the cross-industry need for the Internet in every industry.

Bangladesh - No Internet
Source: UNICEF-Bangladesh

14. Canada – ₹437/GB

96.4% of Canadians have access to the Internet which costs an average of $5.72 per GB.

15. New Zealand – ₹534/GB

Yes Dear. The average price of $6.99 per GB is certainly not cheap. But 94.9% of the population has access to it.

Are you shocked too? Internet is a need for everyone, but there is a huge difference in price around the world. Moreover, cheap Internet does not mean that everyone can access it. Take our own country for example. We have the cheapest internet in the world. Yet there are communities in India that are unaware of its existence.

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