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Come together to achieve the goals set by the Prime Minister and make India the best country in the world


“Prime Minister Modi has worked hard to create an identity for India in the world,” said Sarbananda Sonowal.


Union Minister Sarbananda Sonowal on Friday called on the people to unite their efforts to achieve the goals set by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make India the best country in the world.

Mr Sonowal, who is Minister of Ports, Navigation and Waterways, said every sector is experiencing change and development under Modi’s leadership.

He was speaking at the zone conference on Prime Minister Gati Shakti’s initiative for the western region to Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar.

“Prime Minister Modi has worked hard to create an identity for India in the world. He is working with commitment to make India the best country in the world and has set goals. We must all come together and work hard to achieve these goals, “the minister said in his remarks.

“We must all take our responsibility with commitment. Gati Shakti is not just about connectivity. It is an important step in bringing all states together to make the country stronger,” he said.

The Minister added that the Center as well as the States must take the necessary measures to achieve this ambitious project.

“The country woke up today. Every sector is experiencing change and development. Modi has given opportunities to every part of society. Every citizen should get involved in this Gati Shakti initiative. It is our responsibility to strengthen our country. People up to the panchayat level must be informed about it. We must work as an Indian team and the captain of this team is Narendra Modi, “he said.

The conference brought together representatives from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Goa, Sonowal said.

In his speech, Shripad Naik, Minister of State for Ports, Navigation and Waterways, said the data shows that integrating at least two modes of transport leads to lower costs and ease of transportation. use of freight transport.

“Multimodal connectivity has been seen as the key area of ​​connectivity by the ministry and it is the central theme of Prime Minister Gati Shakti, where he intends to bring changes in the planning, implementation and regulatory framework of management of the project, ”he said.

The Ministry of Ports, Navigation and Waterways has undertaken more than 500 projects as multimodal connectivity projects, which will bring significant changes in the economic system with the creation of jobs and the creation of new business opportunities, has he declared.

“We have identified 181 projects in the Sagarmala program with a total expenditure of Rs 1.7 lakh crore. This includes 19 road projects and 91 rail projects. This project will improve connectivity in the multimodal space,” he said. added.

In his speech, Chief Minister of Gujarat Bhupendra Patel said multimodal connectivity will increase efficiency, reduce costs and ultimately help us make local products more competitive in the world.

“This initiative will change the face of the logistics and infrastructure sectors in the country. It will create new jobs for young people and transport local products around the world. It includes the development of 11 industrial corridors, the establishment of ‘a 4G network in the villages and the construction of 2 lakh km of new highways, among others, ”said the chief minister.

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