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Coimbatore car explosion: NIA recovers bomb-making materials and jihadist literature from car owner


Photo: ANI

Tamil Nadu: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has filed an FIR in relation to the October 23 Coimbatore cylinder explosion which occurred in a car. According to new details that have emerged in the FIR, the car in which the explosion occurred belonged to A Jamesha Mubeen, a resident of HMPK Street, Kottaimedu, Ukkadam in Coimbatore. The NIA recovered bomb-making materials from Mubeen’s house.

A search was carried out by the NIA team at the premises of the said person and 109 items were seized including potassium nitrate, gunpowder, a box of matches, a length of an iron cracker fuse about 2 meters, nitroglycerin, red phosphorus, PETN powder, aluminum powder, OXY 99 Breathe cylinder of pure oxygen, sulfur powder, sterile surgical blade and other materials of bomb-making as well as notebooks with details of Islamic ideology and details of Jihad.

The explosion resulted in the death of an unidentified man whose body was completely charred.

NIA probe

The NIA took over the case after the Home Office’s Counter Terrorism and Radicalization Unit issued an order to that effect. The order came a day after Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin, in a letter to the MHA, recommended an NIA investigation into the matter.

Tamil Nadu Police have so far arrested six people in the case and invoked the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA). Those arrested are believed to be associates of Jameesha Mubin. According to police, Mubin was also questioned by the central counterterrorism agency over alleged links to ISIS in 2019.

Arrests in Coimbatore cylinder explosion case

Those arrested in connection with the case have been identified as Mohammad Thalka, 25, Mohammad Asarudheen, 25, Muhammad Riyaz, 27, Feroz Ismail, 27, Mohammad Navaz Ismail, 27 and Afsar Khan.

The sixth defendant arrested in the case, Afsar Khan is believed to be Mubeen’s cousin. He appeared in the Magistrates Court yesterday and was sentenced to 14 days in police custody. He was taken to the central prison.

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