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CJ Varale sees many similarities between the culture of Karnataka and that of Maharashtra


New Karnataka High Court Chief Justice Prasanna B Varale said on Monday that there are many similarities in the culture of Karnataka and Maharashtra.

A former Bombay High Court Judge, Justice Varale was addressing the lawyers in his response to the traditional welcome from the Chairman of the Karnataka State Bar Council.

“Kannada Nadageethe, the official state song of Karnataka, mentions this land as a garden of peace for all communities, where people of different religions live together in harmony. Bangalore is one of the vibrant cities in our country. It is widely known as Silicon Valley due to its contribution to the development of information technology and is the second fastest growing major metropolis in India.

There are many similarities in the cultures of Karnataka and Maharashtra. Most of the area of ​​the two states was under the same empires under the rule of Kadambas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas and Marathas,” he said.

The Chief Justice also appealed to members of the bar to assist the court in the administration of justice. “The judiciary is the last resort of those who seek justice. Members of the bar are the officers of the court and assist the court in the administration of justice.

As it is rightly said that the bench and the bar are the two wheels of the chariot of justice. Without the assistance of capable and competent lawyers, it would be difficult for judges to discharge their duties. The bar and the bench must always adhere to the core values ​​of the justice system; procedural fairness, public confidence in the court, efficiency, access to justice and judicial independence.

Chairman of the Karnataka State Bar Council Motakapalli Kashinath said Justice Prasanna B Varale was born in Nipani in Karnataka and later moved to Aurangabad in Maharashtra.

He said the Chief Justice’s grandfather, Balwant Rao Varale, was a close associate of Ambedkar and the family moved to Aurangabad at the latter’s insistence. Balwant Rao Varale went on to administer educational institutions such as the People’s Education Society. Kashinath said Justice Varale married Karnataka’s daughter Geetha (daughter of former Minister KH Ranganath). “Therefore, I once again welcome the son-in-law to this state and we are proud to have you as Chief Justice of the High Court of Karnataka,” he said.

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