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Check | Is the video of people pushing an airplane down the runway from India? No!


Using InVid, a video verification tool, we extracted several keyframes from the video and performed reverse image search on some of them.

A Google reverse image search result led us to an article by Indian express from December 5.

It said the incident took place at Bajura Airport in Kolti, Nepal, where passengers pushed a light Tara Air flight, trying to move it on the runway after one of its tires burst and stuck Track.

The video was also posted by a Twitter user on December 1 with the caption in Nepali which read: “सायद हाम्राे नेपालमा मात्र होला! ”

(Translation: Probably only in our Nepal.)

The video has over 69,000 views at the time of writing.

Moreover, using relevant keywords in Nepali, we also found that the news was reported by various Nepalese media websites.

A report of ‘Himalayan Post‘Read that the incident took place when the Tara Air 9N-AEV plane landed at Bajura Airport from Simkot in the Humla district of Nepal.

Other Nepalese reports can be found here and here.

A clearer version of the video can be seen in this Facebook video posted by the Kathmandu-based news website. Shilapatra.

Obviously, a video from Nepal is shared with the false claim that the incident happened in India.

(The story was first debunked by Factly.)

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