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CHB asks people to email pending applications

Apart from holding a special camp on June 4, the Chandigarh Housing Board has asked people to email all pending applications regarding any matter to be decided by the Board.

“It has been decided that all pending applications, which were submitted before March 31, 2022, must be finalized in mission mode. Accordingly, all such applicants are requested to provide basic information such as name, housing unit number, nature of request and mobile phone number to [email protected] by May 31st of this month. It would be preferable if they also provide a scanned copy of the CHB’s latest communication regarding the current case,” an order issued by CHB Director General Yashpal Garg.

He also said, “In all such cases, the claimant will be contacted on the provided mobile number within three days and guided to complete the pending documentation, if any, for expedited processing of the case. In addition, a special camp will be held on June 4 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. at Block ‘C’ Sector-9D where all pending referrals received on the email [email protected] will be considered.

Recently, the CHB had decided to separate the execution of the deed of lease/deed of conveyance and the transfer of residential units from building offences. From now on, the execution of acts and the transfer of built units are authorized even if a notice of justification for construction offenses has been issued. In all of these ongoing cases, the claim can now be allowed after obtaining an affidavit/bond of indemnity in the prescribed format.

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