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Bouffage strikes the iron when it’s hot and takes coffee culture to the next level

With the high energy and fast paced lifestyle of today’s generation, coffee has become an essential player in life. Some take it in the morning to have the energy they need to get through the day, others are eager to take their “coffee break” in the middle of the day. From dates to business meetings, the presence of coffee is unmistakably evident.

With the exponential growth in the demand for coffee, central India has seen a new wave of cafes/coffee shops and new coffee-centric joints. But there are very few cafes that taste success and become a coffee lover’s paradise. Bouffage Cafe & Bistro is the one who has succeeded in the coffee game and how! Their goal was not just to introduce a coffee culture, but to educate people on the different methods of brewing their favorite cup of tea.

Like most of us, the owners of Bouffage have always been coffee lovers. “Coffee has never been a foreign concept. I discovered the real coffee culture when I went to Australia for my studies. There, coffee was more than a drink, it was a serious art form,” says Anshul Jaiswal of how he discovered the art of brewing.

With a vision of creating the same type of culture in central India and providing the wide range of coffees he experienced in Australia, Anshul and Dewansh began their experimentation at home. After home trials, they started looking for people in India who have the same vision and approach to coffee and who can help them with research and development.

To learn the art of brewing, co-owner Dewansh traveled to a roasting house in Hyderabad. There he trained with an expert and learned the science of brewing and mastering blends. That wasn’t it after he got back to base. The brothers spent weeks developing and testing new coffee blends and recipes. Eventually, they developed over 90 different recipes with unique blends evoking different flavors.

“We have always tried to stay true to our name. We do everything big. And we have continued the tradition with our new cafe menu with more coffees than you can count,” says Dewansh Jaiswal.

The exclusive coffee menu includes over 90 different coffees and is hand brewed from specialty beans sourced from estates around the world.

“We have coffees for all taste buds. Sweet, sour, strong, something to wake you up and even something to make you nostalgic. Said Anshul Jaiswal.

Bouffage is always experimenting with new coffee recipes that they will add in the future. With their evergreen motto to cater to everyone’s tastes. “Our goal is not just to make coffee for coffee lovers. But to make more people fall in love with coffee,” adds the owner. The cafes here aren’t just fancy mannequins for bloggers to pose with, but a cup full of goodness you’ll never forget.

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