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BNL: Caribbean and Bermuda Literature

Beginning Wednesday, May 4, the National Library of Bermuda will present Module 2 of Caribbean and Bermuda Literature, a 3-module course taught by Dr. Angela Barry.

A spokesperson said: “In the first module, students saw how slavery and colonialism fundamentally shaped Caribbean and Bermudian societies and their literatures. Although there were many similarities between the two regions, there were also differences – such as Indian involvement and mass migration to Britain.

“Module 2 picks up where Module 1 left off, looking at the 1970s, 80s and 90s, a time when the Caribbean and Bermuda were in upheaval, trying to create a new society from the ashes of the It was an arduous process and, almost without exception, there were periods of civil unrest and violence.

“Writers Selected for Module 2 – Olive Senior [Jamaica]Margaret Cezair-Thompson [Jamaica]Martin Carter [Guyana]Earl Lovelace [Trinidad] and Brian Burland [Bermuda] – all write about the stress of this time, with attitudes ranging from desperation to cautious optimism.

“During the first three weeks, we will approach Caribbean writers through short stories, poems and excerpts from novels. The final two weeks will be spent reading and discussing a full novel, The Sailor and the Fox, Brian Burland’s parable of Bermudian society where an aging white boxer defends his title against a young black contender.

“In Module 2, as in Module 1, the literary works will be presented in a historical, political and cultural context and will be supported by documents such as the Pitt Report, 1978, and video footage such as that of the One Love Peace concert in Kingston, 1978.

“You are welcome to join this course, even if you have not completed Module 1. For teachers, participation in the Caribbean and Bermuda Literature modules can count as professional development.

“We look forward to seeing you on May 4 – at the library.”

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