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Blending the independent spirit of music and celebrating culture amidst nature: ‘Mahindra Open Drive 2022’ witnesses electric performances from When Chai Met Toast, Kamakshi Khanna and Raghav Meattle

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Blending the independent spirit of music and celebrating culture amidst nature: ‘Mahindra Open Drive 2022’ witnesses electric performances from When Chai Met Toast, Kamakshi Khanna and Raghav Meattle

Posted on March 5, 2022

Ending February on a high note, Mahindra Open Drive, a limited-capacity festival sold out with 500 people in attendance, offered a lively experience that included great music, camping, thrilling adventure and a chance to reconnect with nature.

Mumbai, 3rd March 2022: India-based billion dollar global company, Mahindra Group’s “Mahindra Open Drive 2022” (MOD) has presented itself in a new avatar as an exciting festival experience. Held on February 26, 2022 at Camp Max, Kalote Mokashi, MOD was a rejuvenating festival that celebrated music, arts, culture and adventure.

Beginning at noon on Saturday, the one-day festival has stuck to being an ‘open drive’, seeing participants descend from Mumbai and Pune, to a campsite to relax and unwind, promoting a culture of hunting . In addition, it offered multiple outdoor activities such as kayaking, mural painting and even pottery, in addition to a program of incredible musical performances. While popular VJ Zerxes Wadia lent the open drive his high-octane energy, the festival also saw an eclectic mix of artists fuse their personal touch with vibrant performances. Well-known musicians like Benny Dayal & Funktuation ft. The Hornflakes, When Chai Met Toast, Peter Cat & Recording Co., Voctronica, Kamakshi Khanna and Raghav Meattle mesmerized the audience, who let their hair down and danced their heart out into an evening/night of musical rejoicing.

In addition to this, the guests also enthusiastically participated in several artistic and cultural activities such as pottery workshops, mural painting workshops and more, which promoted various art forms alongside music. The mural workshop, facilitated by the Homework Studio, saw the public add their unique creative strokes onto a custom-made canvas, which eventually turned into a collective work of art and the personalized backdrop of the festival!

Brown Living’s Sustainability Bazaar hosted over 200 local sustainable brands, each showcasing their range of eco-friendly, plastic-free products. The bazaar sold a wide range of trinkets – from personal care, home essentials to fashion accessories, and more, giving shoppers a chance to go green and save the environment in style. Meanwhile, the food giveaway, organized by Gourmet Tales Co, included seven burgeoning local newcomers like The Dough Therapy, Hungry Cat Kitchen, The Fromagerie, Ka Pie!, Sliders and Fries, Pratap Jees and Dope Coffee so that participants can indulge, next to a Ballantine’s bar.

The alfresco-style festival was also equipped with comfortable and cozy tents which created the perfect atmosphere for a refreshing weekend for attendees who drove in, looking forward to a revitalizing day filled with fun sports and entertainment. ‘adventure.

Jay Shah – Vice President, Cultural Outreach – Mahindra Group, said, “Each edition of ‘Mahindra Open Drive’ aims to travel to new destinations across the country to allow audiences to experience art, music and culture. culture that complement the chosen location.This year we have endeavored to do the same by engaging participants in the independent spirit of reinvigorating Western India by camping along scenic landscape and enjoying a rich blend of music, culture and adventure.The festival is all about connecting, celebrating life and creating unforgettable memories.

As India’s first festival of 2022, the MOD’s destination – Camp Max, cradled in the Mount Max Valley and overlooking the clear blue waters of Kalote Lake – offered audiences a perfect getaway from the mundane WFH routine. Additionally, weatherproof tents with air mattresses have also been provided for those wishing to stay overnight at Camp Max and depart the following morning. The organized festival followed all relevant social distancing, safety and hygiene protocols.

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