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BJP sends 182 leaders to Gujarat to connect with people

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BJP sends 182 leaders to Gujarat to connect with people

The BJP has decided to delegate 182 leaders to as many Gujarat Assembly constituencies in order to reach out to the rank and file workers and its supporters. These leaders include all current and former MPs and MPs, as well as other senior leaders. Each leader will visit a constituency for three days and meet with senior party officials, social activists, retired leaders and other workers. Although the BJP has been in election mode for more than six months, its leadership believes that rank and file workers, supporters, former party workers must be activated to achieve the set target of winning more than 150 seats. Elections to the 182-member Assembly will take place at the end of the year.

“The idea is to activate the party workers, when the senior state leaders visit the workers, it encourages them, if a worker is dissatisfied and inactive, a one-on-one meeting helps to solve the problems. All are back When workers or local leaders are assured that the head of state is impartial, they honestly share their views and opinions,” said senior party leader Mahesh Kaswala. Kaswala will visit Rajula constituency for three days this week. During the visit, he will discuss ongoing development work, work to be prioritized, which needs urgent attention. He said that when state leaders visit local workers, they are more open and frankly share their views and opinions, which helps the party assess the situation on the ground.

Over the past two days, Mehsana BJP MP Rajya Sabha Jugalsinh Lokhandwala has been traveling in Anjar constituency of Kutch district. He met with members of Agriculture Produce Cooperative Market, leaders from various communities and social leaders. He was accompanied by only two local party leaders for advice. He also visited local workers at their homes. “It gave them a moral boost,” Lokhandwala said. “When we visit local workers, we have lunch, or tea and snacks at their home, and if it suits them, we stay at their home overnight. It bridges the gap, relationships are strengthened, a personal touch will help in the long run run for the party,” Lokhandwala said.

Surat North BJP MP Kantibhai Ballar is in the city of Ahmedabad. He has been meeting with members of the neighborhood committee and local corporators for the past two days in the constituency of Ghatlodia. This is the constituency of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel and in 2012 Anandiben Patel represented this constituency. “When such a task is assigned by the party, leaders are not selected based on caste. It is only to get feedback from the grassroots. As a leader, we also gain new experiences and learn from new things to know and learn. The reason for sending leaders to different districts or regions is that workers and local leaders discuss issues wholeheartedly,” Ballar says.

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