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Bilateral clash between India and China, Russia will stay away, Western countries sow doubt


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Russian Ambassador to India Denis Alipov said the India-China border standoff was a “bilateral matter”.
Alipov said Western countries are fueling suspicion between India and China.
India is preparing to deliver the S-400 air defense system on time.

New Delhi. Russian Ambassador to India Denis Alipov said the India-China border standoff is a “bilateral affair” between the two countries, in which Russia does not want to get involved. Mocking US-led Western countries on the issue, he said they were fueling suspicion between India and China. Alipov also reacted to French President Emmanuel Macron’s remarks, citing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the SCO summit in Uzbekistan last week. The ambassador said Western leaders had chosen the parts of the talks that best matched their position on Ukraine.

According to a report by the Indian Express, Ambassador Denis Alipov said about the S-400 air defense system that India is ready to deliver on time. Any delay in the construction of transport frigates has nothing to do with the war in Ukraine. Regarding President Vladimir Putin’s new initiative of partial mobilization of troops, he said that “we are ready to defend our security, which cannot be compromised”.

He also said that if Russia finds that the price range offered by the G-7 countries is not appropriate, it will stop supplying oil to the world market. He said that if oil prices are not fair and acceptable, we will stop supplying world markets and countries that participate in the US price cap initiative. With little effect from Western sanctions, G-7 countries and the European Union have set price limits on Russian crude and refined petroleum products to limit Kremlin revenue.

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The United States has also asked India to join the alliance on the price limit. New Delhi said it would carefully consider the proposal before making a decision. Alipov said India has so far taken a cautious approach to the idea. It will not benefit Indian interests.

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