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Big shock for WhatsApp users, these people won’t be able to use the app now

Right now we are surrounded by all the social media apps. These apps also have a messaging app called WhatsApp. This app is considered one of the most popular apps in the world. According to a recent report, WhatsApp created more than 14 lakh WhatsApp accounts in India in the month of February. So let’s know which users these accounts belong to and what is the reason for this WhatsApp move.

WhatsApp bans millions of Indian accounts: According to WhatsApp monthly compliance report, the platform banned several lakh Indian WhatsApp accounts in February 2022. WhatsApp in its report said that the company received 335 serious reports in the month of February and in total WhatsApp has closed 14.26 lakh accounts.

The reason for this move: WhatsApp bans accounts that put its users in trouble. WhatsApp has made it clear that due to its end-to-end encryption policy, they are not able to see users’ messages, but they cannot be careless in taking care of users’ security. Based on prompts from all accounts, features that work without encryption, and user reports and complaints, it has been decided to shut down WhatsApp accounts.

According to the news, due to the new IT rules released in India, all social media platforms have to submit a compliance report every month in which it is necessary to talk about all the data that can be discovered how many complaints the platform has filed and how many investigations have been opened against them.

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