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Belfast’s rich cultural diversity celebrated at the city center’s Grand Culture Café event

Residents of Belfast’s different cultures have come together recently to celebrate the city’s rich and growing diversity.

The Grand Culture Café event at 2 Royal Avenue was held on Friday 17th June as part of Belfast City Council’s PEACE IV work. Among those present were representatives of the Indian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Polish, Arab, African and Afro-Caribbean communities.

It was the final event in a 2019 series – conducted both in person and online – that showcased and celebrated Belfast’s rich cultural diversity. Working closely with different communities, the events shared the traditions, life, food, cultural artifacts and language of the diverse cultures that inhabit Belfast.

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Two publications titled ‘Belonging to Belfast’ were also launched at the special event. This included a children’s book, containing interviews and information about all the cultures that participated in the Culture Café series.

Councilor Mal O’Hara, Deputy Chairman of Belfast City Council’s Shared City Partnership, said: “Our cultural cafes have brought to light a range of cultures here in the city. They were imaginative and interesting and generated lively conversations. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the series.

Six-year-old Adhishree Satyajeet Daikwad pictured with the ‘Belong in Belfast’ post launched at the Grand Culture Café event at 2 Royal Avenue, featuring interviews and insights from all the cultures that took part in the Culture Café series

“Culture Cafés have also contributed to the objectives of our good relations strategy by increasing awareness of diverse cultures, identities and heritages, creating respect for diversity, fostering an increased sense of belonging and also challenging racism and the stereotypes.

“We believe that good relations are everyone’s business – we all have a part to play in creating a better and brighter future for Belfast. We all have differences and similarities and it’s a beautiful thing to celebrate.

The PEACE IV program is an EU-funded cross-border initiative for peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the Border region. The program is funded by the European Union and managed by the Special EU Programs Body (SEUPB).

For more information on the program visit www.belfastcity.gov.uk/PEACEIV


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