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belagavi: Worms in water make people sick | Hubballi News

Belagavi: The sight of worms emerging from pipes supplying water to households in Belagavi was illustrative of the discomfiture many townspeople have experienced from drinking contaminated water.
Residents of Guruprasad settlement suffered from dysentery, diarrhoea, fever and stomach pain, with children among those affected.
Residents said sewage flowed into pipes that supplied drinking water, which led to this situation.
Maruti Patil, a resident of Krishna Galli, said it was a recurring problem. “We have been facing this problem for six months, although the level of contaminants in the water was very low before. But, for 15 days, the water supplied to us is black in color, indicating the level of contamination For the first 10 minutes, a tar-like liquid spurted out, before relatively clean water flowed out,” Patil said.
Bhavani Nagar resident Mayuri was among those who had to suffer due to official apathy. “I started having stomach ache after drinking the water. Households where the water flows directly into the tanks suffered the most,” she said.
Another resident, Priya, said her son had been suffering from dysentery and vomiting for four days.
“But the Belagavi City Corporation has not solved the problem yet. One day we saw worms in the water. How can officials expect us to drink this? Priya asked.
Although the civic agency has started working on fixing the problem, the water supplied is still not entirely pure, Patil said.
“Belagavi City Corporation needs to solve this problem at the earliest,” said a resident.

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