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HYDERABAD: Demanding that the state government immediately resolve the issues arising from the Dharani Portal, BJP State Chairman Bandi Sanjay Kumar said on Sunday that the fact that the hundreds of complaints reflect the suffering of the people.

He said 20,000 people did not receive pattadar booklets, while 5,000 complaints were received after the portal went live. “The BJP would not spare the government if the problems are not corrected,” he said.

Addressing a roundtable at the BJP’s state office, Sanjay said it was unfortunate that the 1935 records had been taken as the basis for verifying ownership. Sanjay said victims and even collectors in the district were worried.

Asking whether the portal was started to solve the problems of the people or to grab land worth thousands of crores, he said that its management was entrusted to a Benami corporation close to the chief minister.

Lawyer Gopal Sharma said there is no information regarding the extent of podu land, assigned land, patta land, inam land and others on the portal. “Even the authority of collectors and co-collectors is diluted under the Telangana Land Rights and Pattadar Passbooks Act 2020,” Sharma said.
Farmers who attended the meeting said the portal showed those who had sold their land long ago as owners. “The portal does not have the ability to file complaints,” said Narayana Reddy, a ryot from Nalgonda.

Earlier in the day, Sanjay Kumar launched a “One Crore signature campaign” calling on the state government to pay unemployment fees to unemployed youths and issue employment notifications.

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